Degritter is the maker of the world's best ultrasonic record cleaners. Time is valuable, don't waste it washing records.


No 1 record cleaner. Period. Degritter is the maker of the world’s best ultrasonic record cleaners. Their products are designed for the living room and are a joy to interact with. Functionality, effective results, and user friendly design have always been at the heart of their product. Since 2016 they’ve put countless hours into the research, product development and design of the Degritter record cleaning machine.

Brand Reviews

Brand Reviews

Robert Harley - The Absolute Sound
The Absolute Sound
The Degritter was easy to use, has many sophisticated features, appears well build, and delivered on...
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Jeff Dorgay - Tone Publications
Tone Publications
We've used a lot of record cleaning machines over the last 40 years, but the Degritter tops our list...
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Paul Rigby - The Audiophile Man
The Audiophile Man
Standards are created and are made to be improved upon. The Degritter has done just that. If you can...
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Jimmy Hughes - Hi-Fi+
I appreciate how gentle it is and how simple to use. You can clean valuable, highly collectable disc...
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Lee Dunkley - Hi-Fi Choice
Hi-Fi Choice
The Degritter automatic record cleaning machine does remarkably thorough job and is one of the most ...
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Degritters aims to empower you to take back your time to experience life and fulfil your dreams. Degritter is a record cleaning machine that makes it possible to spend more time listening to records instead of cleaning them. We believe efforts in life should be of the 20/80 type, where 20% of the work gives 80% of the output and even bett...
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Degritter stands out on the market not only by applying new design and technology, they also invest in manufacturing sustainably and responsibly. They source as many components as they can locally, all the metal parts of Degritter have been made in Estonia. The electronics are also layed in Estonia. Of course, the products are assembled a...
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Mark II Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machi...
AED 12,140.00 (Inc. Tax)