Linn Products is an engineering company that manufactures hi-fi and audio equipment. Founded by Ivor Tiefenbrun in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1973, the company is best known as the manufacturer of the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable.

Music isn’t just something to be enjoyed in isolation, as fun as that is. It’s a joy to share it too. Linn products bring extraordinary music to every inch of your home and enable you and your family to control it with a computer, tablet, or phone—and to keep the music flowing no matter who’s home.

Linn systems are designed to work in perfect harmony with your home. Place a Linn system wherever you want, and our Space Optimisation technology will ensure you get the best possible sound.

Whether you’re with friends or with family, working in the den, or dining in the kitchen, Linn brings music to wherever you want it in exceptional quality and without complications or clutter.

And it’s not just music. Bring Linn's legendary audio quality to your entire home entertainment system. Movies, TV, and video games have never sounded so real or so immersive.



360 Exakt Integrated
Klimax DSM/4 Hub and Klimax 35...
AED 220,000.00 (Inc. Tax)
Selekt DSM Edition Hub Network...
AED 66,350.00 (Inc. Tax)
Selekt DSM Classic Hub Network...
AED 41,500.00 (Inc. Tax)
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Klimax Twin Stereo Power Amplifier
AED 40,771.00 (Inc. Tax)
LinnxSolidsteelxSonus Faber
Sonetto II x SS-6 x Majik DSM ...
AED 29,755.15 (Inc. Tax)
Majik DSM4 x Compact 7ES-3 XD ...
AED 36,230.25 (Inc. Tax)
Majik DSM4 x Majik 140 Loudspe...
AED 28,970.00 (Inc. Tax)
Series 5 – 530 Exakt Akt...
AED 56,860.00 (Inc. Tax)
The silver variant of the Majik 109 speaker stand
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Majik 109 Speaker Stand
AED 1,097.25 (Inc. Tax)

Create the LP12 you need.

You can configure your own revolving masterpiece by building your LP12 from scratch. First, choose your deck - from traditional wood to high gloss colors, you can create a turntable that's truly yours. Then add the components you want, and we will tune it, especially for you. With so many upgrades available - to utilize either now or in t...
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Information lost at the source is lost forever. No matter how good the amplifiers or loudspeakers that follow, you can't get back what has already been lost, so it’s essential you put the best source possible at the front of your system.


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