For more than fifty years, M&K Sound has been held in the highest regard by film and music professionals, the audio press, and residential customers seeking the finest loudspeakers for use in home cinemas and living rooms.


Because all M&K Sound loudspeakers exhibit a signature of audio neutrality, exquisite detail, and transparency from any source, they have rightfully earned their designation as “The Choice of Professionals”. They constantly enhance the performance of their product range through extensive research and development, without ever sacrificing our loudspeakers’ inherent DNA and industry-defining characteristics.

Many of the greatest film and music recordings of all time have been mixed, mastered, and monitored on M&K Sound’s audio systems. Revered artists, musicians, movie directors and recording engineers in hundreds of studios and post-production facilities worldwide choose M&K Sound. Star Wars: Episodes I – III, Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy are among the cinematic classics that have been mixed and mastered on complete Miller & Kreisel sound systems.

Building on a truly unique heritage and strong market presence that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and consumer audio, M&K pledges to offer performance, reliability, and value for money that is second to none.

NEIL GADER | The Absolute Sound, 2022

“I’ve never heard a sub/sat system anywhere near this price point as tight and expressive and as tonally and harmonically complex as the M&K.” On one level, the M&K system certainly struck a nostalgic note and brought me back full circle to my earliest encounters with high-end audio. But as a tool for music reproduction, this ...
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With more than 40 years of experience, M&K Sound has provided studio monitors to Award-Winning blockbusters such as The Lord of The Rings, Pearl Harbor, and Star Wars. M&K Sounds’ sound production and speakers have received international recognition.