Sonus Faber is a Latin phrase that translates to “handcrafted sound,” which is an accurate title for the company. Since its founding in 1983, the Italian-based brand has grown into one of the most popular loudspeaker organizations, delivering intricate, handmade products worldwide. The mission of Sonus Faber is to provide handmade speakers with distinguished quality that offers an unforgettable natural listening experience.


Sonus Faber's handmade musical instruments are true to Italian expertise. An unforgettable voice immerses you in a natural sound experience.

The Sonus Faber team are creative technicians and inventors of cutting-edge design solutions. Every single detail is carefully planned, so much so that their products become everlasting works of art.

The Sonus Faber brand tells a story. By means of sound and materials Sonus Faber's creations transmit their values and communicate their beliefs. Each SonusFaber product, be it past, present, or future, takes the listener into a world of long-lasting tradition, Italian culture, and craftsmanship.


Sonus Faber
Lumina V Amator Loudspeakers
AED 15,750.00 (Inc. Tax)
Sonus Faber
Lumina II Amator Bookshelf Speakers
AED 6,750.00 (Inc. Tax)
A pair of Duetto Speaker Stands
Sonus Faber
Duetto Speaker Stand
AED 3,400.00 (Inc. Tax)
Limited Time Offers
McIntoshxSonus Faber
Sonetto VIII x MTI100 Integrat...
From: AED 55,000.00 (Inc. Tax)
Limited Time Offers
PioneerxSonus FaberxSVS
Sonetto III Home Theater Syste...
From: AED 45,000.00 (Inc. Tax)
Sonus Faber
Duetto Active Stereo Wireless Loudspeake...
AED 17,500.00 (Inc. Tax)
HiFi RosexMcIntoshxSonus Faber
Olympica Nova III x MA9500 x R...
AED 110,000.00 (Inc. Tax)
Sonus Faber
Serafino G2 x MC611 (2) x C53 ...
AED 200,000.00 (Inc. Tax)
Sonus Faber
Guarneri G5 Homage Bookshelf S...
AED 67,500.00 (Inc. Tax)
Sonus Faber
Stradivari G2 40th Anniversary Loudspeak...
AED 225,000.00 (Inc. Tax)


It’s a local dampening of the apex of a silk soft dome tweeter in order to avoid this area anti-phase behavior. In a standard soft dome tweeter, its apex anti-phase behavior is r...
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It’s a “semi-balanced” crossover design circuitry, where some reactive components (Capacitors and inductors/coils) are placed on the negative rail of the circuit. The crosso...
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Brand Reviews

Brand Reviews

Sam Kessler, Oracle Time
The Sonus Faber Omnia is the Only Sound System You’ll Need
Michael Zisserson , Future Audiophile
If having a dedicated, high-fidelity system is important in your lifestyle, great equipment that sac...
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Matej Isak
Electa Amator III is refreshingly original, yet familiar enough to be recognized at the initial eye ...
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Kevin, Audiophile
The Sonus Faber Concerto Home are truly sonic marvels and one of the best monitors available for the...
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Riaan Rankin, Audiophile
My second review of these speakers, I can only describe my ownership for the past three years as she...
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Deenoe, Audio Enthusiast
I took a long time to settle on these - no other speaker has the delicate touch through the midrange...
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