Ben Harper | Fight For Your Mind

Feb 24, 2023 |

Three-time Grammy Award winner and seven-time nominee, Ben Harper need no further introduction. An American singer-songwriter with proficiency across various instruments, Ben Harper played his first gig at the age of 12.

Ben Harper's career spans various forms of music and remains a musical icon beyond the United States. His fame has traveled the world, including countries like Australia, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

His experience across different genres and styles of music is as diverse as his inspirations. In Fight For Your Mind, Harper's second studio record, he combines acoustic fold, blues, funk, soul, and rock in a way that transcends genre. Harper started playing music at a young age, eventually settling on his signature acoustic slide guitar. The cover art has Harper's face on fire, with a reference to the use of military roundels, similar to previous albums. Each track uses a military roundel from a different African nation.

The album received positive responses from music critics like AllMusic and Chicago Tribune. It was his final solo record before joining the Innocent Criminals, and it was released on August 1, 1995.

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