Dan D’Agostino Progression S350: A Sonic Revolution

May 02, 2023 |

Dan D'Agostino is an audio brand that few people can find fault with. They've chartered their own way to audio excellence, and it shows especially with the Progression S350. 

The Progression S350 boasts a capability of 350 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, which multiplies when used with a 4 Ohm load. 'Impressive' wouldn't be a good enough adjective to describe its performance. Dan D'Agostino has consistently delivered superior sound quality. The S350 employs their latest technologies, from the Super Rail Circuitry to the upper-high-end audio components, and brings a new perspective to experiencing audio.

Even on paper, it was clear that D'Agostino went above and beyond what is required to make a power amplifier sound its best. This amp weighs 115 pounds for a reason, and not just because its anodized aluminium chassis contains a 2,000VA power supply transformer coupled to nearly 100k microfarads of power supply storage capacitance.

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