Darko Audio Gets The Sonus Faber Lumina II

Jul 26, 2022 |

Pick the top five brands you would wish to own in your home theater system. Forget the technical details and focus on the enjoyability. We're sure Sonus Faber has found its way in your list. Its reputation definitely helped the Lumina II set find its way in Darko Audio's home setup. These stand mount speakers are the focus of his review, which we've linked below.

The video begins with De Zomp from an album by Public Service Broadcasting. The German electronic music delivers an anticipatory mood. Darko, later in the video, points out how the speakers can find that sweet spot to evoke emotions.

The Lumina II - Out of the box

Right out of the box, you notice the smooth leather covering the exterior. The luxurious finish leaves no view of the wooden joints holding the speaker in place. The Lumina II keeps intact the quality of the Italian brand's high quality siblings. As Darko mentions, "... they were the perfect stand mount speaker that I like to cover
you know around the sort of $1500 mark..."

Let's dive into the audio components. The Lumina II is a two-way speaker with a 2.9 cm tweeter. The tweeter features a core Sonus Faber technology - the Damped Apex Dome. What does this do?
According to the company -

a local dampening of the apex of a silk soft dome tweeter in order to avoid this area anti-phase behaviour... allowing for better high-frequency reproduction

Darko dives into the performance by answering the question most people will have - "What about the bass?". These speakers are not bass-heavy, and specifies that it can go as low as 55 Hz. Meaning that these stand mount speakers were not designed for hitting the low bass. But the bass delivered is powerful enough for us to mention it. The speakers also close in on the microdynamics by highlighting it better. The audio output and dynamic presence place the Lumina II with loudspeakers from Klipsch.

But what Darko likes best about these speakers, and he mentions this in the video - the slight lift to the sound in the upper mid/ lower treble ranges. This helps create a stronger presence to the sound than your traditional stand mount. What does this all mean, though? The lift helps us notice the small elements that make up the entire sound accurate. The lift doesn't favor the harsh or bright tones, but pops it all out.

This lift also makes the Lumina II a great set of speakers for your home theater. Voices in the audio are much clearer due to this lift, so you can understand why. In conclusion, the Lumina II offers a better mid range performance than most stand mount speakers. Calling it an "edge of the seat speaker", Darko proceeds to talk about how the audio output is thrilling to listen to.

Watch the full review by the man himself, here.

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