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Apr 28, 2024 |

The Party-Proof Speaker with Concert Level Sound 

The Story of How Three Friends-Turned-Founders Set the New Standard for Audio Quality and Portability

Step into the world of sound innovation through the lens of Jesper Theil Thomsen, Christoffer Nyvold, and Hjalte Emilio Wieth, the resilient founders behind the SOUNDBOKS phenomenon. As the SOUNDBOKS Gen 4 makes its grand entrance, it's not just a product launch - it's a journey back to the roots of ingenuity and passion that inspired the world’s most powerful Bluetooth speaker.

A Garage Success Story Inspired by the Roskilde Music Festival

As per the tradition at Roskilde, the biggest festival in Scandinavia, it opens its doors 4 days early for revelers to bring their DIY speakers, transforming the grounds into makeshift scenes for impromptu pop-up parties at every corner. Jesper, Christoffer, and Hjalte, decided to make the loudest party-starting speaker for the festival in 2014. The three of them spent a year in one of their family’s garages prototyping the first-ever SOUNDBOKS to create lifelong memories and throw the most unimaginable party at Roskilde that year—they did that. But there’s a twist.

“We attended Festival Roskilde and, as tradition, brought our own DIY sound system. Twenty minutes after turning it on, the music stopped. It turns out DIY speakers don’t mix well with Pilsner.”

The “pilsner incident” inspired a quick solution to fix the bug and make the first step towards kickstarting SOUNDBOKS. Drawing from the lessons learned, they decided to advertise their services online, anticipating only a modest response. To their astonishment, within a week, they received requests from 400 individuals seeking their expertise to construct and fix speakers. Despite being caught off guard, Jesper, Christoffer, and Hjalte rallied together with the help of 24 friends, committing to work tirelessly for two consecutive weeks, round-the-clock. With relentless determination, they successfully built and delivered the final speaker on the opening day of the campsite, just in the nick of time. 

From Garage to Global: The Growth Story Continues Backed by the Community

What began with 400 interested customers, soon became hundreds of thousands worldwide. SOUNDBOKS knew what they had and in 2016, what defined this brand to global audio stardom was their acceptance into the world’s biggest startup accelerator, Y-combinator. SOUNDBOKS became a brand, as Hjalte says, 

“ rooms together with people that were building rockets and robots and software products that would change the world in many ways.”

SOUNDBOKS became a game changer, a change in audio forever, as many saw it. With their acceptance into Y-combinator, a Kickstarter campaign was started. As regular attendees of the biggest music festival in Denmark, SOUNDBOKS came in with a bang, raising $784,320 for a product that would change portable audio quality and the world’s access to new sound experiences tailor-made to personal activities. 

“The amount of inspiration that people can, you know, use their SOUNDBOKS as a part of when you take that and you share it with other people. It’s created this huge ripple effect that I think inspired our community to do so many other interesting things with their SOUNDBOKS, and hopefully, we can keep sharing those stories and keep inspiring and I’m really excited to see what people haven’t thought of yet.”

Keep Turning Up and Bringing People Together

The well-deserved spike in popularity after the successful Kickstarter campaign saw SOUNDBOKS collaborate with numerous brands and individuals, and receive stellar reviews from internet royalties about their party-proof speakers. SOUNDBOKS Gen 3 was recently spotted in the latest David Beckham documentary as a speaker David would use regularly. The moment that would go viral for a reason, expressing the value of creating lifelong memories, is just one of the many scenarios where SOUNDBOKS inspired millions of listeners.

“Last year, we had someone climb Mt.Kilimanjaro with the SOUNDBOKS, and after we did that, hundreds of people messaged us talking about all of their crazy ideas about climbing mountains. We really try to push people, encourage them, and help them as much as we can to make those goals possible. “

Now Introducing the SOUNDBOKS 4: The Next Upgrade to Concert Level Sound

As SOUNDBOKS’s ethos continues to grow through moments and experiences created worldwide, its fourth and latest iteration, the Gen 4 model is about to arrive at Dubai Audio and is available to pre-order.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors and channeling the spirit of the Roskilde Festival, this beautifully loud Bluetooth speaker with a mighty 126 dB output, 40 hours of playtime, and enhanced audio quality, is the perfect companion for any occasion. Redesigned drivers and advanced audio routing ensure an unparalleled immersive sound experience. To learn more about the improved sound and stability of Gen 4 check it out directly.


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A front-view shot of the SOUNDBOKS Gen. 3 Bluetooth speaker
SoundBoks Gen. 3
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