Elevating the Symphony: Dubai Audio’s Sonic Showcase at Abu Dhabi Classics

Oct 10, 2016 |

Step into a realm where sound transcends the ordinary. Dubai Audio, in collaboration with Wilson Audio and Devialet, took center stage at the season-opening of Abu Dhabi Classics on October 10, 2016.

The captivating Manaraat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi set the scene for a harmonious journey. It was a night where auditory perfection met architectural grandeur.

A night of sonic excellence conducted by Dubai Audio, at the Manaraat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi

A Sonic Collaboration Beyond Compare

Dubai Audio has always committed to delivering auditory experiences that shape the listener’s interest in sound. The Abu Dhabi Classics was an opportunity to do precisely this, in partnership with audio giants Wilson Audio and Devialet.

Throughout the evening, Manaraat Al Saadiyat chimed with the music delivered through the combination of Wilson Audio Sasha Loudspeakers and Devialet's Expert Pro's. It was an event highlighting the best of sonic excellence.

The Acoustic Elegance of Manaraat Al Saadiyat

Nestled within the exquisite confines of Manaraat Al Saadiyat, the venue itself became an integral part of the symphony. Known for its acoustically sophisticated design, the venue enhanced the brilliance of the audio system on display, allowing each note to reverberate with precision and finesse.

Musical Welcoming Notes

As guests arrived, they were serenaded by the resounding brilliance of the Wilson Audio Sasha Loudspeakers and the Devialet's Expert Pro's. The choice to let classical music trickle across the room had two motives - pay homage to the spirit of Abu Dhabi Classics and to showcase the system's ability to breathe life into age-old compositions.

Unveiling Sonic Mastery

Wilson Audio Sasha Loudspeakers

The Wilson Audio Sasha Loudspeakers, known for their precision engineering and uncompromising sound quality, delivered nothing short of an extraordinary audio experience. Audiences would remember long after the event the surreal sound experience that the speakers created.

Devialet's Expert Pro's

The Devialet Expert Pro's added a touch of the famous French audio engineering sophistication to the evening's atmosphere. With its groundbreaking ADH® (Analog Digital Hybrid) amplification, the Expert Pro's were able to compliment the Sasha loudspeakers to create a convergence of musical power and finesse few could forget.

A Sonic Journey Continues

There couldn't have been a better event than the Abu Dhabi Classics for Dubai Audio to stand out as a beacon of auditory perfection. The company's clear understanding of high-end audio and strategic partnerships with brands like Wilson Audio and Devialet underscored this capability.

Join us on this continuing journey as Dubai Audio pushes the boundaries of auditory perfection. Immerse yourself in a world where every note is a masterpiece, and the symphony of sound knows no bounds. Dubai Audio – where the extraordinary is the standard.

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