Bridging Time & Sound – GMT features Dubai Audio in Print

Jan 17, 2024 |

We are delighted to share a recent interview with our co-founder Amir Anwar giving Dubai Audio center stage as a beacon of unparalleled audio excellence in GMT’s print column. From the opening of our brand-new Dubai Hills Showroom [link curation link] to our new partnership with independent watchmaker Lorca on launching their first timepiece, the Model No. 1 GMT, this insightful conversation celebrates our story as a company and new ventures connecting time and sound.


Delving into the beginnings of Dubai Audio

GMT, which stands short for Great Magazine of Timepieces, shares an excellent review on the nearly 3 decades of Dubai Audio’s history and on how the trio of brothers, originally from India and educated across Europe and the United States, have seamlessly blended their international perspectives into the success of the region’s most important audio retailer company. 

Beginning in 1994, Dubai Audio emerged from the brothers' desire to bring world-class sound quality to the region, evolving into a haven for audiophiles seeking cutting-edge speaker technology. From residential and commercial to hospitality projects, Dubai Audio's commitment to performance has shaped auditory experiences, making them synonymous with high-end sound solutions. The trio's synergy has propelled the business to international heights, supplying premium audio solutions to prestigious establishments worldwide, from luxury hotels in Hong Kong to the Seychelles. 

At its core, Dubai Audio's motto, "giving heart and soul to sound," encapsulates the essence of a true Dubai success story — a family business that has harmonized passion, expertise, and a love for music to create an enduring legacy of auditory excellence.

“Our clients are very discerning and the brands we represent really are luxurious. We don’t do these things to try and be outrageous — quite the opposite, we design experiences for clients that want the best.” - says Amir Anwar.


New Ventures Bridging Time and Sound

Beyond audio, Dubai Audio proudly embarks on a novel venture with Lorca, a watch brand founded by musician Jesse Marchant. This visionary collaboration, rooted in a shared love for music, exemplifies Dubai Audio's commitment to unique, multi-sensory experiences. The article reveals the new watch design, the brand-new Lorca timepiece that is brought to Dubai by Dubai Audio.

Anwar applauds Marchant's transition from music to horology, highlighting the creative journey from dream to realization. He expresses his admiration, saying, "I love his music, by the way. When I found out he was launching his watch company, it was just something for us to get behind."


Model No.1 GMT

This alliance marks a unique union between watchmaking and high-fidelity audio, driven by shared values of quality and innovation. Anwar further reflects, "It’s like high-end watches — the attention to detail, the craftsmanship, and the ethos that goes into everything about them."

Lorca's Model No. 1 GMT represents precision and sophistication, embodying the essence of both brands—excellence intertwined with a profound appreciation for music.


Article & Image Credits to Rachel Silvestri

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