Hi-Fi News, July On The HiFi Rose RA180

Oct 04, 2022 |

The HiFi Rose RA180 finds itself on the pages of HiFi News magazine, July 2022

An Integrated Amplifier That Gets The Crowd Talking

HiFi Rose is a brand that has found its way into the minds of audiophiles worldwide. Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, they've launched yet another 'brazenly overengineered' product. Yes, we're referring to the RA180 Integrated Amplifier, a quiet beast that can shake up your music system.

The July Edition of Hi-Fi News magazine did an extensive piece on the RA180. Safe to say, the amplifier did not fail to amaze. It promises to be your all-in-one amplifier for any sound system you can conjure up.

Here's a quick summary of what they said.

What Hi-Fi News Thought

The RA180 embodies what Sean Kim from HiFi Rose calls, 'retro-futurism'. "Steampunk styling meets luxury audio...", in the words of Hi-Fi News. While the design looks premium, the usability suggests a more human, intuitive experience. It houses a technology stack that will raise eyebrows. The four Gallium Nitride transistor-based Class D amplifier modules call for attention. Sixteen loudspeaker terminals on this device make it the brain that controls your music.

To put its performance into words, we couldn't have said it better than HiFi News.

The out-of-left-field design and feature-rich specification of the RA180 almost hide the fact that this is, at its heart, a punchy, authoritative, and thrilling-sounding amplifier.

The sign of a good amplifier is when you don't want to turn the volume down. With the RA180, you won't want to. You'll keep wanting to push its limits because it calls for a challenge with confidence.

To take charge of the amplifier, you can either use the app or the remote control. But it is tempting to walk up to the amp and fiddle around with the knobs. If there were a single word for the superlative of 'versatile', that would be the word to describe this. 'Versatiler', maybe?

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