Klipsch Reference Premiere – 2022 Upgrade

Dec 11, 2022 |

As a new year inches closer, we wanted to dive into the best speaker systems to gift to yourself. Sure, it's a difficult question to answer, because everyone has their preferences. And because there are a lot of contenders, we will make sure each of them get their fair time onstage.

Klipsch's Reference Premiere home audio system in a home setting

Our first release is about the Klipsch Reference Premiere Line-up. First unveiled in 2014, this year saw the biggest upgrades Klipsch has ever introduced to the series. With improved audio technology and design aesthetics, we would go as far as to say that these are some of the best speakers to come out of the Klipsch labs.

Let's get into the nitty-gritties of the topic, which are the upgrades you'll see with the Reference Premiere. We've gone ahead and listed out how each component has been upgraded.


“The new speaker designs are aimed at showcasing the elegant, detailed craftsmanship,”
- Vlad Grodzinskiy, Director of Product Development, Klipsch

Klipsch has never been one to shy away from looking good. The new Reference Premiere edition is no different, commanding a presence in your home decor. The new design creates a slimming effect, while remaining functional. It also allows the center channel speakers an improved angle.


Klipsch's Tractrix® horn technology is regarded as a fundamental pillar of their speakers. Capable of recreating and distributing high frequency waves across the room, the new horn is larger at 90° x 90°. A larger horn means a bigger soundstage, bringing out the best out of your room. The design also ensures the sound is directed correctly, right to the people in front of it.


Woofers are critical to the overall sound clarity in the 20-2000 Hz ranges. Which means that a low distortion is what you're looking for from your speakers. Klipsch is known for their Cerametallic woofer design, meant to achieve reduced distortion.

The new upgrade added aluminum shorting rings to the existing woofer design. The result is sound as it was created - precise and true.

The new design also incorporates components for better power handling and audio output.


If rigidity was ever a question raised for the Klispch Reference Premiere, it won't be anymore. The new series employs additional bracing and well-divided cabinet volume for improved rigidity. This is important to fully translate the audio from your horn to the people waiting for a listen.

Image credits: Klipsch
Content inspired by: Klipsch blog

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