MBL 101 E MKII Awarded the Best of Show At the 2023 AXPONA

Apr 20, 2024 |

AXPONA (Audio Expo North America) brings together the largest annual gathering of audio enthusiasts, music lovers, audio dealers, manufacturers and distributors in North America. The exhibition offers a plethora of immersive listening experiences with high performance audio products. To support the growth of the high-end audio industry by cultivating a passionate community and promoting the enjoyment of high-fidelity sound, you'd find the who's who of audio brands at AXPONA every year.

“We come now to one of my favorite loudspeakers, the four-driver, four-way, $91,000 MBL 101E MkII omni, driven and sourced (as usual) by MBL’s own outstanding electronics. A few issues ago, one of my colleagues remarked that (until the show he was then reporting on) he’d never heard the MBLs sound good. Well, all I can say is maybe he should consult an audiologist. This is and has always been a great loudspeaker. Grainless and natural with surprisingly good bass extension in a smaller room and simply remarkable spaciousness, it sounded superb on “People Get Ready” and other soul, rock, and jazz cuts. Yeah, it was a bit dark in color in this space and a tiny bit bright in the treble, but it was also exceedingly lovely and lifelike. It was the first speaker I found myself tapping my foot to, which says something very good about its PRAT. Another Best of Show contender.”

- John Valin, Executive Editor of The Absolute Sound Magazine

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