McIntosh and Sonus Faber at Six Senses Ibiza

Nov 23, 2022 |

McIntosh and Sonus faber partner with Six Senses Ibiza to envelop the hotel guests in rich soundscapes. Ibiza, back in the Sixties, was a bohemian spot for a crowd whose inclination for partying became legendary. In the decades that followed, the clubbing scene grew and its prominence on the world stage is held firm. To this day, Ibiza is considered one of the clubbing capitals of the world. Superstar DJs and dancefloor magic still exist, and they now mingle with the natural surroundings of the new luxury resort and residential community, Six Senses Ibiza.

In the resort, the frenzy of nightlife collides with the restful time during the stay. Guests dance to the rhythm of the high-end sound systems and recline in their seats as the speakers and amplifiers croon their soft tracks. The debut of Live Cave musical experiences in the luxury resort needs rich soundscapes to hold the guests’ attention to music, and this is when Six Senses Ibiza taps top audio brands McIntosh and Sonus faber.

Music has a different impact when the surround sound system relays the utmost quality of the song, and this has been what audio leaders McIntosh and Sonus faber bring forth in their amplifiers and speakers. Immersive for them means letting go of the fast-paced routine in exchange for a lasting musical experience. So, when McIntosh and Sonus faber work with Six Senses Ibiza, the international audio leaders miss no beat in placing their amplifiers and speakers within the hotel spaces, inviting guests to enjoy the atmosphere with quality sound.

Six Senses Resorts aim to develop sublime experiences without diminishing the natural world, and their Ibiza property serves as the ideal location to capitalize on the local culture highlighting music, wellness, and relaxation.

The focus of the collaboration lies in defining what luxury means when it comes to soundscapes. Together, the three brands place speakers and amplifiers in different spaces within the luxury resort. Guests might step into a room and be surprised at the music that suddenly drifts in the air.

‘The installment of best-in-class McIntosh and Sonus faber products allows Six Senses Ibiza to provide the most immersive and engaging listening experience which adds to the regenerative focus of all the experiences on offer at Six Senses,’ says Shivas Howard-Brown, Music Director for Six Senses Ibiza.

When the teams behind McIntosh and Sonus faber enter the main restaurant area, they see a grand piano sitting adjacent to the full bar. The space opens inside and expands outside and inspires the audio leaders to place Sonus faber loudspeakers in the room as the bringer of rich sound, amplified by McIntosh’s amplifier.

Bookworms and introverts who prefer to shy away from the frantic scenes may burrow themselves into The Library where the bookshelf speakers of Sonus faber’s Sonetto I awaits to serenade them as they take a break. ‘Sonus faber and McIntosh have been, for decades now, the definitive choice for producers, musicians and fans of the sector,’ says Charlie Randall, President of the McIntosh Labs, a company to which Sonus Faber and McIntosh Laboratory belong.

mcintosh and sonus faber speaker system shot at Six Senses, ibiza

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Credits: Design Boom, Sonus Faber, McIntosh

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