Highlights: Meet the Soundboks Team

Feb 12, 2023 |

"A speaker that actually sounds like you want a speaker to sound."
- Geekdad

Take a look at the SOUNDBOKS line of portable speakers. You immediately think, "This doesn't look very portable." The first surprise lies here - the bulky appearance betrays the weight.

SOUNDBOKS then goes on to reveal a set of features that make it sound like a dream wishlist. After all, how many speakers can function as a PA, amplifier, and Bluetooth speaker while also offering complete control over frequency response and sound customizations?

Built for party hosts, SOUNDBOKS creates a music experience that can make it an instant favorite. With the SOUNDBOKS (Gen3) capable of generating up to 126dB SPL, (almost as loud as being in the front row of a concert) the audio quality is nothing to scorn at. While all its components are packed into one gigantic build, there is a balance - the bass doesn't overpower the vocal clarity.

Thanks to a build that has a reinforced steel grill, splashproof electronics, and shock-absorbing silicon ball corners, SOUNDBOKS positions itself as the aspirational HiFi portable speaker system for both indoor and outdoor use.

Meet the Soundboks Team

The SOUNDBOKS team owes its magic to a passionate team of creators and entrepreneurs - looking to excel at acoustic innovation and customer service. Here, we bring to the center stages three crucial pillars upon whom this magic thrives.


One of the three original founders at SOUNDBOKS, Jesper is the person the Soundboks team looks to. He is hell-bent on taking the music world by storm, by means of innovation and customer service. A fan of Indie music and cuisines, he keeps the energy up at the SOUNDBOKS office.


There's one thing that gets Christoffer up every day - the drive to achieve and succeed. Hang around him when he's on the field playing handball or when coordinating an event - and you'll see this in action. This drive helps him immensely as the COO of SOUNDBOKS.


Michael is a man of diverse interests, soccer being one of them. As CFO of SOUNDBOKS, he joined the SOUNDBOKS team when he realised the brand was an enabler of connections, with an ability to draw people in.


A front-view shot of the SOUNDBOKS Gen. 3 Bluetooth speaker
SoundBoks Gen. 3
AED 3,350.00 (Inc. Tax)
Soundboks Go Wireless Bluetooth Spe...
AED 2,343.00 (Inc. Tax)

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