MSB Technology – The Cascade DAC

May 01, 2024 |

MSB Technology is a brand that gains its repute from consistently achieving a quality of audio through their DACs that only a few brands can deliver. And now, from their labs comes a reinvention of DAC architectures as we know it. The Cascade DAC isn't just another product launch. It's the culmination of our relentless pursuit of sonic perfection. Driven by a passion for in-house engineering and complete control over the manufacturing process, we've ushered in a new era of digital-to-analog conversion.

MSB Technology tore down the existing principles to the studs and meticulously reimagined every aspect. The key to achieving this breakthrough? A revolutionary three-chassis design.
Imagine isolating the noisy digital processing and external inputs in a dedicated Cascade Digital Director. Now picture pristine, low-noise analog circuitry housed in its own Cascade Analog Converter. Finally, envision a separate Cascade Powerbase delivering pure, unadulterated power to fuel this masterpiece. This meticulous separation is the cornerstone of sublime analog playback, regardless of your system or listening room.

In the words of Daniel Gullman, CEO at MSB Technology

“ The Cascade DAC will debut at the Munich High-End Show in May 2024, Room E221. We are thrilled for fans of MSB to hear this new addition to our product lineup and production has already started. We currently have a demo fleet available for select listening events and the first customer units will begin shipping in July 2024. Please checkout our website for more details and subscribe to our company newsletter for future updates.”

Check out the Cascade DAC on the MSB Technology website by clicking here.


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