Music Highlight: Antelope Running by Jesse Marchant

Dec 15, 2023 |

Canadian singer-songwriter Jesse Marchant is best known by his stage moniker JBM. Critics have praised his music to be a "unique depth of emotion and feeling" and compared his sound to that of Thom Yorke and Neil Young.

The album "Antelope Running" by Jesse Marchant was recorded in September 2020 at Isokon Studio in Woodstock, New York. The album carries reflective lyrics with heartfelt melodies, taking listeners on a musical journey. Listeners can easily pinpoint the creative accuracy with which Marchant shows his passion for storytelling.  Paired with his distinctive voice, the album results in creating a sound environment that is genuine and full of emotion. The song "Antelope Running" showcases Marchant's musical prowess, offering a deep and captivating listening experience that lingers.

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