Music Highlight: Me and Armini by Emilíana Torrini⁠

Mar 01, 2024 |

Born on May 16, 1977, Emilíana Torrini Davíðsdóttir is a singer and songwriter from Iceland. The songs "Jungle Drum" from 2009, "Love in the Time of Science" from 1999, and her rendition of "Gollum's Song" from the 2002 movie The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers are her best-known works.

As a member of the Icelandic musical group GusGus, Emilíana provided vocals for multiple tracks on their 1997 debut album Polydistortion, including the song "Why". The songs "Slow" and "Someday" by Kylie Minogue from her 2003 album Body Language were co-written by her. She co-produced "Slow" with Dan Carey; for their work on the song, the two were nominated for a 2005 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. Before this, Emilíana was listed as the composer of the songs "Resolution," "Until The Morning," and "Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes" from Thievery Corporation's 2002 album The Richest Man in Babylon.

"Me and Armini" is Emilíana Torrini's captivating musical journey, blending folk, pop, and electronic influences. Released in 2008, this album showcases Torrini's versatile voice and introspective songwriting, inviting listeners into a world of heartfelt melodies and evocative storytelling. With tracks like "Jungle Drum" and "Big Jumps," "Me and Armini" is a dynamic exploration of love, loss, and self-discovery, making it a standout in Torrini's discography.⁠

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