Music Highlight | Tina Turner – Wildest Dreams

May 26, 2023 |

Tina Turner, better known as The Queen of Rock'n'Roll, achieved heights that few in the music world could claim. She was more than an artist - she was a music icon, an inspiration to African-American and female artists. As a celebration of everything she was, today's album recommendation features her ninth solo album, Wildest Dreams, a masterpiece that combined stunning vocals and impressive music collaborations.

While she already held a solid reputation, Wildest Dreams is the album that cemented her place in music history. The album broke records across the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe. Though tending towards Turner's signature rock and soul style, the album found her equally at home with 90s pop-R&B production, and, a quarter century after its release, it remains evident that she consistently delivered some of the most iconic performances on record.

Turner held the Guinness World Record for selling the most concert tickets of any solo performer and was one of the best-selling female artists in history (200 million records and counting). Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, and memoirs (including 2020's Happiness Becomes You, which she describes as "a very personal book that focuses on the core themes of my life: hope, happiness, and faith") only add to the realms she has conquered.

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