New Soundboks review by TechCrunch– You Can’t Not Love It

Feb 12, 2023 |

Take three 72W class D amplifiers, two 10-inch woofers, one compression driver tweeter, a removable 12.8V, 7.8Ah battery, Bluetooth and place them inside a tough-looking speaker cabinet. Throw into the mix technology that allows you to connect it with 5 other speakers. You now have a floor-shaking party audio set-up, all thanks to Soundboks.


TechCrunch's Matt Burns got his hands on the New Soundboks. And like many others who had it shipped to them, he leaves the room mighty impressed. In his own words,

"The Soundboks isn’t shy. It’s an extrovert. This speaker will stand tall among strangers and be the loudest in the room. It doesn’t try to compensate for lackluster sound with a quirky design, either. There’s nothing fancy to the style of the Soundboks 2, and to me, that’s part of its appeal. This speaker is here to party."

The Soundboks verdict

126 dB of noise - that's just like being up front near the concert stage. The speakers are ideal for house parties when you people hear the music throughout the house. Another use we don't recommend - is if you hate your neighbors.

Your can read the original review at the TechCrunch website.

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