Sonus Faber x Automobili Lamborghini – A Landmark Collaboration

May 15, 2024 |

Sonus Faber has formed a partnership with the renowned brand Automobili Lamborghini to bring the best-in-class luxury sound capabilities to the Lamborghini Revuelto. 

The partnership between the two brands sets in stone a unique combination of Italian aesthetics, by bringing forth a symphony of design and sound. Just as a Lamborghini seamlessly transitions between elegance and raw power on the road, Sonus faber's audio system mirrors this duality. Our system is gentle yet capable of unleashing a beast within the Lamborghini Revuelto.

In the words of Fiore Cappelletto, Vice President and General Manager Automotive at McIntosh Group

“The collaboration with Lamborghini is an extremely important milestone for Sonus faber, further expanding the brand into the luxury car segment” said Fiore Cappelletto, Vice President and General Manager Automotive at McIntosh Group “Working on the Revuelto has been exhilarating yet challenging given the cabin’s restrictions and the sound of their incredible V12 behind the seats. Thanks to the joint work between the teams in Sant ’Agata and Vicenza, the journey has been remarkable, and we hope to transfer our passion at Sonus faber to every Revuelto customer. In fact, the system we engineered and tuned fully embodies world-famous Sonus faber’s natural sound. We are honored and grateful for the trust that Lamborghini extended to us on this project.”

Revuelto Technical Specifications:
Center channel:
- 1 FullRange x 25W
- 2 Tweeter x 40W
- 2 MidWoofer x 150W
- 2 Surround FullRange x25W
- 1 class-D Dual DSP providing 750 watts of pure power

Check out the official announcement on the Sonus Faber website here.

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