SVS Ultra Evolution – A Range To Shape The Future of Audio

May 03, 2024 |

At the Munich High End 2024 showcase, expect to be amazed by the Ultra Evolution series from SVS. "A new era of reference-quality sound" - that's what SVS claims the seven-strong flagship line of speakers will deliver.

The Ultra Evolution range comprises three floorstanders (Pinnacle, Titan and Tower), two bookshelf speakers (Bookshelf and Nano), a three-way centre channel model (Center) and Ultra Elevation surround sound/Dolby Atmos speaker. The Ultra Elevation succeeds SVS's Prime Elevation, with an angled front baffle and multi-angle bracket for versatile mounting.

Prominent among the updates are the changes to the driver design, components and overall cabinet architecture. To ensure that sound from the speakers arrive to you at the same time, the Ultra Evolution speakers incorporate a curve in the front baffle, aligning with the point where the sound comes out of the tweeter. According to engineers at SVS, this allows the speakers to deliver improved imaging and an immersive soundstage, as a result.

Audiophiles may be quick to note that the Ultra Evolution range has a diamond-coated aluminium dome tweeter to help raise the frequency response. This helps the floorstanding speakers deliver distortion-free sound at higher highs while also improving response at the low frequencies for seamless blending with the midrange. SVS have also engineered their subwoofer designs to deliver a "deep authoritative bass", by utilising dual opposing active woofers at the top and bottom of the cabinet. These subwoofers work in sync in different directions, to balance out the peaks and troughs.

The midrange drivers have internal chambers acoustically tuned to eliminate cabinet resonances, while the cones of both the midrange drivers and woofers are made of glass fibre composite material. To minimize edge diffraction and provide better off-axis frequency response, the front baffles come built with chamfered edges. Additionally, the tweeter is protected from physical damage by an organic cell lattice diffuser.

For full details, click here to read the article by What Hi-Fi?


Prime Elevation
Prime Elevation Surround Speakers
AED 1,832.25AED 2,289.00 (Inc. Tax)
Prime Tower
Prime Tower Speakers
AED 4,572.75AED 5,491.50 (Inc. Tax)
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