Syng Cell Alpha: The First Ever Triphonic Speaker

Apr 25, 2022 |

A revolution in home audio is here: the Syng Cell Alpha, the world’s first triphonic speaker.

The man behind this groundbreaking innovation is Christopher Singer, who led Apple’s design team for more than two decades. He worked on key Apple designs, like the first iPhone and the Home Pod. Now he’s teamed up with Damon Way, co-founder of DC Shoes, to bring you Syng, an audio company building sound for the future. Their long-awaited inaugural product, the Syng Cell Alpha, has finally arrived. You won’t want to miss it.

Syng Cell Alpha: The First Ever Triphonic Speaker

What is a triphonic speaker?

To the layman, it’s a killer high-end wireless speaker that can stream whatever you want from any source and produce an incredible listening experience. To audiophiles, the Syng Cell Alpha is the next generation of triphonics.

There’s no focal point, and that’s the point. What do we mean? You don’t have to sit front and center for Cell Alpha to wow you. It’s designed to produce high-fidelity sound in 360-degrees, all around. The triphonic speaker embraces an immersive approach, filling the room with an even sound those of us in the ‘biz are calling 3D. According to Syng, “You can put sound wherever you want, shrink it, move it, magnify it, and layer it. Or let the Cell handle everything—with Triphonic audio, it’s able to virtualize any speaker array and accurately spatialize sound for your room.” Cell Alpha’s sound field is designed to be adaptable. Have a larger space to fill? You can expand the system as you desire, with up to four Cells in any layout.

Pair that impressive sound quality with advanced spatial-audio tech and digital-signal processing, just like Apple developed for their AirPods Pro. “Syng has done the impossible. I’m discovering moments, performances, and production details I usually only hear in the recording studio and it’s all articulated in three-dimensional space with effortless grace and purpose,” said
Luke Wood, former President of Beats Electronics, former music industry executive, and rock guitarist.

Plus, source your music however you want. You can connect your devices via USB-C, stream through Spotify and AirPlay 2 over WiFi, and plug in your home theater with the Syng Link cable. The team at Syng made sure that Cell Alpha is ready for any sound.

And we’ve gotta talk about the aesthetics. It’s a thing of beauty. Even though there’s no best seat in the house thanks to the 360-degree sound, you can’t beat being in view of the speaker itself — it’s breathtaking. The aesthetic combines transparent elements with a unique spherical design. You’ll need to stand in front of one to get the full vibe, but trust us when we say, this is a showroom show-stopper.

Syng Cell Alpha: The First Ever Triphonic Speaker

Where can I check out the Syng Cell Alpha?

For the Cinephiles:

The Sheikh Zayed Showroom has a home cinema configuration where you can test out the surround sound quality that we know you’ll love. Plus we’ve got a stereo setup, too.

For the all-day Music Enthusiasts:

The Ibn Battuta Showroom has a stereo configuration geared toward music listening. So whether you like to rock out or chill out, you’ll enjoy checking out this sweet setup for yourself.

Like the folks at ISC Hi-Fi said, “You’re not just listening to the song, you’re listening inside the song, which opens up an entirely new world of deep listening.” We look forward to welcoming you to either of our Dubai Audio showrooms so you can listen to the world’s first triphonic speaker, the Syng Cell Alpha. Come see it for yourself.


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