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Jul 27, 2022 |

When you decide to build your home audio system, it can be daunting to decide upon which subwoofer to get. Here’s a thought backed by experts - two subwoofers are better than one. We agree, it does sound counter-intuitive. But we have Ed Mullen, Director of Technology at SVS, explain why, and the best ways to place two subwoofers in any room.

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Better Dynamic Output

The first obvious reason is dynamic output. Two subwoofers give more punch to your weekend movie time or TV show binge. Audio enthusiasts are not going to turn down the opportunity for better output capabilities.

Better Bass Quality across the room

The sound you hear from your subwoofer relies just as much on the acoustics of the room. A single subwoofer can definitely offer audio output, but it will differ significantly from different positions in the same room. This is due to the direct and reflected soundwaves which create sound waves with peaks and troughs.

This uneven distribution of peaks (exaggerated bass notes) and nulls (nullified bass notes) is what causes the same audio to sound differently in different parts of the room. This situation is also identified as an uneven frequency response.

With a dual subwoofer system, you combine the unique frequency response to get a single smooth frequency response throughout the room. How is this achieved? The soundwaves from both subwoofers will overlap, increasing the sound wave density throughout the room. This results in a better listening experience from any point inside the room.

Decreased Subwoofer Localization

When you listen to music using speakers, you want to be enveloped in the music. With a single subwoofer, no matter the depth or the crossover frequency, you will be able to identify the location from where the bass comes. This is known as subwoofer localization, and it isn’t a desired effect from your home music set up.

Dual subwoofers offer a more immersive experience when you turn on the music. This means that the bass will appear to originate from all directions. Once you experience the effect of dual subwoofers, it’ll be hard to enjoy the single subwoofer experience.

Easier Room Placement

While the dual subwoofer system wins in the performance categories, lifestyle choices also need to be considered. It is easier to place two smaller subwoofers across a room than one large one when you consider the footprint. The visual impact and decor integration factors are increasingly becoming important when setting up a home speaker system.

Understanding the case for a dual subwoofer system, the question will arise - how do I set up a dual subwoofer system that is best for my specific room?

What is the best placement for a dual subwoofer system?

Ed Mullen comes to the rescue, bearing answers. He states that his answer is based on extensive research and testing done by the professional audio community. The most common mistake people make, he says, is setting it up right next to each other in the front of the room, either flanking the center channel or the outside corners of the same side. While this does look aesthetically pleasing and is easier to place, does it give the best audio experience? Not quite, he says.

There are two placements for your dual subwoofers that offer the best performance and immersive experience. We’ve listed them out below in the order of performance:

At the ends of the opposite diagonals. Either the front-left corner and rear-right corner or the front-right corner and the rear-left corner.

At the opposite sides of the room.

However, for aesthetics, most people prefer having their subwoofer system facing them. There are two configurations which are ideal if that is the case.

So when you consider setting up your first home audio system or are considering revamping what you already have, placing a dual subwoofer system should be a valid item on your list. If you’re looking for dual-subwoofer systems from SVS, click here to browse our collections.

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SVS PC-2000 Pro Subwoofer studio shot
PC-2000 Pro Subwoofer
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PB-2000 Pro
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3000 Micro Subwoofer
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SB16-Ultra Subwoofer
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SB-2000 Pro
SB-2000 Pro Subwoofer
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