The Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy Launch

May 10, 2024 |

Wilson Audio brings to the audio market a reimagined version of one of their most iconic loudspeaker designs, the WATT/Puppy. The new WATT/Puppy deisgn pays homage to the original designer while also incorporating the best of their audio capabilities.

A small history lesson here - the original WATT/Puppy underwent a total of eight evolutions from 1986-2011. Each version came with its set of chnages, and continued to push the limits of what could be achieved in loudspeaker capabilities at that time. To give an example, the modern WATT/Puppy's build has changed from a laminated 60-lbs version of High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) and Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) to the finest X-Material for the internal bracing and external closures. In addition, the new WATT/Puppy also utilises S-Material for midrange coupling to the front WATT baffle, and V-Material for the top of the Puppy, serving as the vibration-sink interface for the WATT.

Each of these unique materials is meticulously chosen for its specific performance characteristics, whether in the realms of vibration control or sound reproduction. This commitment to material excellence is one of many elements that ensures The WATT/Puppy delivers the best audio quality possible for this relatively compact design. The WATT/Puppy also come with a unique 50th Anniversary medallion, which stands as a hallmark to Wilson Audio's years of delivering pure sound.

Click here to visit the official webpage for the Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy.


Alexx V Loudspeaker
AED 655,000.00AED 722,000.00 (Inc. Tax)
Sasha V Loudspeakers
AED 215,000.00AED 230,735.00 (Inc. Tax)
TuneTot Bookshelf Speakers
AED 52,700.00AED 57,000.00 (Inc. Tax)

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