Unboxing the Cell Alpha with Unbox Theory

Aug 04, 2022 |

Within the video genre of unboxing, you're sure to have come across Unbox Theory. Hosted by Lewis George "Lew" Hilsenteger, his videos feature the latest in consumer technology. So it was only a matter of time before the Syng Cell Alpha made an entry into his product selection.

Cell Alpha visits Unbox Theory studio

Three boxes find themselves outside his studio. The only hint - the contents inside deliver an unparalleled audio experience. As he proceeds with the unboxing, he comments on how the experience feels almost like a puzzle to him. The packing is such that you do not know what the product looks like until after the last moment of assembly.

Removing the final layer of packing, what first comes to mind is an alien orb. Once this sets in, you begin to look all over the speaker for its sound outputs. There are tweeters located all around the speaker, providing a 360-degree sound experience. The Cell Alpha houses two woofers - one each on the top and bottom. The transparent casing gives us a look at the internal works of the speakers.

If one 360-degree speaker wasn't enough, Lew opens up all three boxes in the video. No surprises - it's three Cell Alphas.

The Cell Alpha trio -

Post assembly, it's time to take a minute to admire the speakers. We agree with Lew - these speakers are a piece of art in your environment. You'd love to look at them even if they did nothing. After that minute, it's time to take part in the sound experience.

On their own, each speaker delivers a surreal surround sound experience. The sound field generated by the Cell Alpha positions it at the top of speakers in it's this range. The speakers adapt to the environment they're placed in.

"Set up these three in a room, and they have a calibration process to find the audio sweet spot for the listener"

The Cell Alpha supports Spotify, Airplay, or wired connections - but the real beast is the app. The app keeps a track of the speakers and points you in the direction of optimal listening. What's even cooler - you can set your optimal listening spot as any part of the room. What does this mean? You can still maintain the authentic surround sound in one part of the room and have a conversation without having to raise your voice.

As he plays the music, Lew describes that he feels as if he resides within the music. The combination of the Cell Alphas upgrades the traditional home theater experience.

As stated by Syng,

"The Cell optimizes the sound in the room by figuring out acoustical problems. It detects the exact location of nearby walls and room corners and uses that information to rotate the sound field toward the center of the room. In a multi-Cell system, each Cell detects the distance and angle of the other Cells in the system to optimize the Triphonic rendering"

Closing Thoughts on the Cell Alpha

The typical home theater experience mixes sound to be discerned from the front. But the Cell Alphas position you at the center of the sound, making you feel like you're in the movie. That's a mighty impressive feat to achieve, but Syng has done it.

Lew places it up there with the best wireless speakers he has tested in his YouTube career. We've heard the same across the Internet, and from our customers who have taken the leap. Perhaps you should take a look at it too.

To watch the complete unboxing video, click play below.


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