Wilson Audio TuneTot Loudspeakers: Review by Darko Audio

Jun 27, 2022 |

Darko Audio is arguably one of the best audio systems review channels on YouTube. To stamp his credentials, John Darko is also a panelist member of EISA. So when he claims that the Wilson Audio TuneTot loudspeakers truly change the way music can be experienced, you perk up your ears and listen further.

In his three days spent reviewing the Wilson Audio TuneTot loudspeakers, John does not cover technical specifications or comparisons with other similar-priced products available in the market. Instead, he gives a personal review of how it feels to use these passive loudspeakers. In his own words, you would soon “walk through your music collection and go - what does this sound like or what does that sound like on the TuneTot?”

John's Review of The TuneTot

The Wilson Audio TuneTot loudspeakers offer an immersive musical experience, with a proper soundstage unlike those seen in most loudspeakers. The strong sense of tone is maintained with surprising clarity even at low volumes. Like John mentions in the video, “The sign of a really good loudspeaker is that you would want to keep turning the volume up, not down.” The TuneTot can make you do this to any music you play.

With such high-end speakers, the inevitable question arises, “How good is the bass?”. John answers this by comparing it to the perfect dessert serving - the TuneTot delivers bass of the highest sound quality.

Calling them a fantastic loudspeaker, John further explores features like control, the super-low distortion and the clarity these speakers deliver. While we will not fully analyze the video, John stresses on how these speakers cannot be valued based on their price tag. The TuneTot deliver more than just music, they evoke emotions and create lasting memories.

Maintaining the authentic excellence from 1974, the Wilson Audio TuneTot loudspeakers is a special piece of engineering from a special audio company.

You can watch the complete review below. To explore our collection of Wilson Audio equipment, you can click here.

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