Zuma: The Story & The Team Behind It

Aug 10, 2022 |

A fusion of world-class capabilities and decades of observational insights across multiple industries has resulted in a compelling new vision for the Smart Home.

Zuma is on a quest to transform our current relationship with sound and light at home. Bringing better, more immersive, and enjoyable listening experiences to everyone, everywhere throughout the house.

In order to achieve this, Zuma re-imagined how we listen to sound. They wanted to create an immersive listening experience similar to that of a concert hall or standing outside in a forest.

"We want the sound to envelop you.

To be bathed in sound and for it to be truly immersive you need multiple sound sources, as many as possible. However, our homes are already full of cables, crowded power sockets, and convoluted devices and we didn’t want to add to the clutter.

So our approach was to find a new, simple, cableless way to deliver hi-fidelity sound throughout the home. We needed a ubiquitous form factor that you find in every room. It turns out downlights are ideally located to deliver true immersive sound everywhere."

As a result, Zuma's approach was to find a new, simple, cable-free way to deliver high-fidelity sound throughout the home. They required an omnipresent form factor that could be found in every room. It turns out downlights are ideally located to deliver true immersive sound, everywhere.

And just like that, the Zuma wireless multi-room system was born.

Meet the Team

With a 25-year pedigree in industrial design working with leading global brands around the world, CEO and founder Morten Warren put together a team that has delivered industry-defining technological innovations across audio, video, lighting and smart devices. Zuma is the result of that alchemy of design and technology.

Morten Warren

Morten Warren is a British industrial designer of repute. Founder of Native Design, which focuses on design and innovation, Warren has a significant number of patents to his name. He is also an advisor to the British Council on numerous design conferences including Beijing China, Essen Germany, Mumbai India and São Paulo Brazil. His clients include Audi, BBC, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Bentley, Coloplast, Hewlett Packard, Samsung and Illumina.

Laurence Dickie

Laurence Dickie is the Chief Advisor of Acoustics and Zuma, and holds considerable experience in the audio equipment world. Previously chief acoustician at Bowers & Wilkins, he is said to be the brain behind the acclaimed Nautilus loudspeaker.

Alex Kiernan

A hands-on senior technical leader, Alex Kiernan functions as CTO of Zuma. He is also responsible for ensuring the delivery of cost-effective solutions for Zuma's vision of the real Smart Home. Hailing from the industry, Alex was previously CTO at Hive and before that held C-level positions at Cable & Wireless.

Edward Rose

Zuma's design and engineering teams are led by Edward Rose, a seasoned expert in unlocking designs that spoke rather than act as a display piece. He previously ran Physical Pixels, a company assisting brands and artists with their complex experiential projects.

John Daniell Hebert

John Daniell Hebert acts as the Director, R&D at Zuma. With his experience across multiple industries and companies like Microsoft and Apple, his experience is critical to the growth of the Zuma's innovative technologies.

Stuart Collingwood

Stuart Collingwood brings over 20 years of working with US and European founders on launching category-defining innovations into European and International markets. He takes up the role of Managing Director at Zuma and is responsible for the global adoption of their products.

Trevor Wilson

Chief Advisor for manufacturing & production, Trevor Wilson hails from the audio industry and served at the top of the audio industry, including companies like Sonus Faber and Naim Audio.


Luminaire LED Downlights
AED 935.00AED 1,050.00 (Inc. Tax)
Lumisonic Wireless Downlights &...
AED 2,090.00AED 2,221.00 (Inc. Tax)

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