Focal launches its first-ever Dolby Atmos speaker at CES

The French brand has expanded its affordable Chora range.
Focal Chora 816 Grey


French hi-fi brand Focal has used the CES world stage to announce three new models in its recently launched Chora range, one of which is the company’s first Dolby Atmos speaker – the Chora 826-D Atmos floorstander. The Chora Center speaker, Chora Surround speaker and Sub 600p subwoofer round out the range for AV set-ups.

The 826-D enters the Chora line as the new flagship; a floorstander with an upward-firing driver that delivers the height channels of an Atmos soundtrack. Focal has designed the driver to direct the sound towards the ceiling at a carefully calculated angle so that it reflects around the entire room.

Focal Chora Loudspeakers
Image Credit: Focal

Like the existing Chora speakers, each newcomer to the series sports Focal’s Slatefiber composite cones – a fusion of thermoplastic polymer and recycled, non-woven carbon fibres – and aluminium-magnesium TNF tweeters, which are exclusive to the Chora range. The sub, meanwhile, utilises a heavier and more rigid Polyflex cone, better suited for delivering low-end impact.

The Chora 826-D, Chora Center (available with an optional stand), and Chora Surround (which can be wall-mounted) will be available in black, light wood and dark wood finishes next month, while the 600-watt 600p subwoofer will follow in the spring.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed but, as the rest of the Chora speakers cost between £600 and £1299, we can expect them to lie within and closely around those parameters.

Author: Becky Roberts
Date: January 6, 2019


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