Naim Uniti Core Firmware Update

A new software patch has just been released for Uniti Core.

2.5.1 - Core Patch release fixes:

Fixed: Occasional failures when formatting certain hard drives
Fixed: Ripping the second disc of a compilation album would sometimes overwrite the first disc
Fixed: Sometimes Core would enter standby during local playback
Fixed: Improved artwork cache to speed up browsing experience
Fixed: Sometimes would not discover NAS network shares
Fixed: Sometimes would not discover Naim HDX or Uniti Serve network shares
Fixed: Sometimes Uniti Core network shares would not be visible on the network
Fixed: Could not access shared folders from Apple Mac running macOS High Sierra
Fixed: Some FLAC files with very long metadata would fail to play
Fixed: Prevent folders that start with “.” from being hidden
Fixed: Genres view on UPnP missing some genre categories that were present on Naim App
Fixed: Files in Downloads folder would not always refresh if metadata changed by user with a 3rd party metadata editing application

The update will become available for all users via a notification in the Naim app.

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