1964 was clearly a pinnacle year for Rock music. Because of this extraordinary year, music going forward would never be the same. Many consider this to be the greatest year in the history of music,but what many do not realize, was this was also a historic year in audio innovation.

This original IEM innovation would be emulated and refined over the years; but only 64 Audio has taken this technology to the heights of where it is today. Whether it be a momentous year or groundbreaking advancements in audio, what makes 64 Audio truly unique is the ability to recognize the significant achievements of the past and let it drive the essence of who they are today.

64 Audio’s name may be linked to the lineage of the past but we are all about building products that shape our future. The essence of 64 Audio is all about introducing new products that are driven by innovative technologies.

Everything about that special year (1964) was life changing, and it left an indelible mark on everyone who lived it or later learned of it. 64 Audio’s sole focus is making that same mark when it comes to personal audio. It was Syd Moore who once said, “disregard for the past will never do us any good.
Without it we cannot know truly who we are”. We know who we are. We are 64 Audio.


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