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The Taste of Simplicity

Room-filling sound that belies its compact form.

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The Lumina collection by Sonus faber presents an exciting change, new to the typical Sonus faber product design portfolio but still able to embody the history and values of the brand. “Simplicity” is central to the collection’s identity that aims to reach a wide audience and to deliver a luxury music experience in all Sonus faber homes, which is facilitated through our longstanding tradition of refined materials and careful craftsmanship.

Luxury, Minimalist, Natural
The simple and squared design of the Lumina models was chosen to emphasize the quality of materials used. This principal of minimalism directly captures the essence of the product, thoughtfully designed in conjunction with the theory that “less is more”.
The Lumina collection boasts the core values of Sonus faber and the use of its iconic materials, including leather, natural composition of drivers, and real multilayer wood available in Walnut and Wenge wood with Maple inlay matte and Piano Black glossy finishes. All items pay tribute to out historic heritage and are made in Italy.

The collection is offered at an accessible price point without compromising sound performance, empowering everyone to enjoy a true Sonus faber experience.

A completer Home Cinema System to Enjoy your Time
The Lumina Collection is obviously perfect for stereo listening. If you’re looking to get more out of your system, Lumina is also an ideal protagonist for a multi-channel system.

Providing more emphasis and substance to action scenes, dialogues and soundtracks, Lumina perfectly pairs with the Gravis subwoofer models, which feature matching finishes and materials. Lumina and Gravis combine to create a 5.1 Home Theater system that offers a rich, articulated sound that provides possibilities for growth and modification tailored to your space and listening needs.

Italian Luxury
When you touch and feel the Italian leather-wrapped cabinets and see the fit and finish on these made in Italy speakers you will know that you have brought an Italian luxury product into your home that not only will give you wonderful sound but something to cherish for decades.

Natural Sound
Experience what music lovers call the Voice of Sonus Faber with the Lumina series. Their natural sound will draw you much closer to the performance, allowing you to hear all of those subtle emotional details in the music that make a recording sound more like real life.

Designed For Every Room
With their Stealth Reflex ports, the Lumina models are very easy to place in a room without having to worry if they are too close to a back wall or sitting inside a bookshelf. Set them up where you want and enjoy their natural sound.

Damped Apex Dome Tweeter
All of the models share the same tweeter. This is actually identical to the tweeter in their more expensive Sonetto series. If you look closely at the soft silk diaphragm you will see a small vertical assembly that barely touches the very apex of the tweeter. At the point of contact, it is cone-shaped.

Fabric dome tweeters have phase anomalies that occur right at the apex of the dome. Silk dome tweeters have always had a great sound but this cancellation caused some high-frequency roll-off. Many speaker companies have moved to metal dome tweeters to get more extension, but there is something magical about the sound of a silk dome. By ever so slightly pressing in on the dome at the very apex, these cancellations do not happen and you get far more extension.

This is a very creative idea the engineers at Sonus Faber came up with that you will see in all of the speakers. Their innovative technology allows for a more extended yet very smooth and natural high-frequency presentation, which has become part of the legendary Voice of Sonus Faber.

Stealth Reflex Port
Another part of all of the Lumina also comes from their more expensive models. Having a port on the rear of a speaker is very simple from a design standpoint. You see this on a lot of speakers. However, a rear-firing port limits your placement options as it will interact with the wall behind it. Sonus Faber came up with a very unique type of port called their Stealth Reflex Port. The bookshelf and center models sit on top of this special port which as an added bonus gives them a pretty cool look compared to a typical bookshelf speaker. The port for those is front-firing — meaning you can put them in a bookcase or close to a rear wall and still get great sound. The floorstanding speakers have the same type of port but it fires down which also frees up far more placement options.

Custom Made Crossover Components
The crossover is the invisible but very important part of every speaker. It essentially directs what sounds go where and if corners are cut in its design, even the best speaker drivers will never produce the sound they are capable of. Crossovers are made up of many components but the capacitors that do the filtering are by far the most important. The Lumina speakers, like all Sonus Faber models, have custom made capacitors designed specifically for Sonus Faber. That is pretty rare in the world of speakers and to see it at this price point shows incredible dedication to producing the best sound possible.

- 2-way shelf loudspeaker system.
- Vented box design.

- Tw: Ø 29mm high definition DAD™ driver.
- Mw: Ø 150mm paper cone driver.

- Optimized amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. Crossover frequency: 1800 Hz.

- 55 Hz -24.000 Hz

- 86dB SPL (2.83V/1m)

- 4 ohm

- 30W – 150W, undistorted signal

- 304 x 180 x 263mm
- 12 x 7,1 x 10,3 in

- 5,8 Kg
- 12,8 lb

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Installation charges are applicable and can be paid upon delivery for our clients based in Dubai.

- Installation Charges: AED 350 Per Hour
- Speaker Cables: AED 20 Per Meter
- Trunking: AED 10 Per Meter

For clients based outside of the UAE, please contact our specialists and we will share an estimate based on your requirements.


We recommend positioning the speakers away from the corners of the room and the walls by at least 70-80 cm. In terms of the distance between the speakers themselves, we advise keeping them within 150-250 cm of each other.

May 1, 2023

The loudspeakers do not require any special maintenance except for periodic general cleaning. To preserve the finish of the loudspeakers, protect them with the supplied fabric covers, especially if they are not used for a prolonged period of time.

Remember to not use cleaning products, furniture waxes, cleaning liquids or alcohol that could stain or damage the wood or the speakers. Do not use rough cloths.

To clean the wooden part of the cabinet and the leather parts, use a soft cloth (such as a microfiber) just moistened at the most, taking care not to dampen the drivers. To clean and prevent the gaskets of the drivers from the hardening, you may use a silicon-based product and carefully apply it by using a soft cloth.

Wood is a natural and always alive material, therefore sensitive to external agents. Avoid positioning the loudspeakers near heat sources or near windows, especially during the summer months. Do not leave the speakers exposed to direct sunlight.

To remove the dust from the cabinet, the front panels and/or the speakers, we recommend using a soft brush paying much attention not to damage the delicate membranes of the speakers.

May 1, 2023

The choice of amplification always depends on personal tastes. Also the environment, where the loudspeakers are installed, is an important variable to consider. There is not one perfect amplifier for every single speaker.

Kindly contact our specialists at Dubai Audio with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.

May 1, 2023

All loudspeakers have been designed and developed to guarantee an ideal balance between volumes and sound, consequently each speaker is made on the basis of a unique electroacoustic project exclusively dedicated to the specific model. The inclined bases of the speakers are an integral part of the electroacoustic design as they provide the right inclination of the speakers to ensure an optimal reproduction. For this reason, we recommend that you do not change the inclination.

Furthermore, it is not possible to upgrade the loudspeaker components as it would modify their electroacoustic design. By changing a driver, the whole crossover should be re-designed that is to say developing a new speaker.

May 1, 2023

In case you need to replace the front grills of your loudspeakers or just the elastic strings, please contact our team at the Dubai Audio store.

For quick reference, here's the contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +97143431441 

May 1, 2023

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