Mark II Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

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Degritter MARK II offers sophisticated ultrasonic cleaning and smart functionalities for more convenient use.

New features:
- Ultrasonic Power Drive 2.0 – stronger, but safe for the record
- Pulse Mode cleaning – better cleaning effect, low power consumption
- Polished exterior design – in keeping with our high design standards

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The Degritter is fully automatic, requiring no additional effort after the cleaning cycle has started. Use the free time for listening to records instead of cleaning them.

The machine has a convenient removable water
tank for replacing cleaning water.

We have perfected the feel and function of the machine’s buttons. The rotations and presses provide most satisfying feel you will be unable to let go of.

Cleaning water is pumped through a replaceable filter during washing. Continuous filtration keeps removed dirt from ending back up on the record.

Degritter monitors water temperature and
prevents it from rising to levels harmful for vinyl records. High temperatures are managed by automatic cooling cycles.

Records are dried by a flow of filtered air. Both the drying time and fan speed can be adjusted to keep noise levels in check and to prevent static electricity build up.

Degritter supports rinsing records during washing cycles with the help of a separate water tank.

Ultrasonic Cleaning, Architecture

Ultrasonic cleaning tank that’s in Degritter is purpose built for vinyl records. The tank has two ultrasonic transducers on either side emitting 120 kHz ultrasonic vibrations, evenly distributing the cleaning energy across the record’s surface.

Power DriveTM 2.0 – NEW!

Pulse Mode – NEW!
Pulse Mode cleaning is a feature offered by the Power Drive 2.0 ultrasonic generator. During pulsing, ultrasonic transducers rapidly switch on and off at high power. This gives enhanced cavitation in water, but keeps the average power consumption low.

Frequency Sweep
The driving frequency of the Power Drive ultrasonic generator sweeps between 120-125 kHz.
This evens the cavitation energy distribution in the water, minimizing losses and giving an
uniform cleaning action.

300 Watts
The average power output of all the washing programs is 300 W. This makes Degritter the most powerful ultrasonic record cleaner on the market per liter of water. The higher 120 kHz driving frequency keeps your records safe.
Suggested ambient operating temperature: 50 - 83 °F
Water tank capacity: 1.3 L or 0.35 gal
Power input:AC 100-240 V, 4 A, 50/60 Hz
Power usage: ~ 310 W at full power, ~2 W in sleep mode
Fuse: 4 A, slow, 20 x 5 mm, DIN 41.660
Noise level: 70 db
Ultrasonic cleaning frequency: 120 kHz with fine-band frequency sweep
Weight: 19.2 lbs.
Dimensions: 14.6" x 11" x 8.3"

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To prevent bacterial growth inside the machine from forming and to remove dirt that may have accumulated inside, it is recommended to clean the Degritter after every 200 washing cycles.

1. Remove the rubber gasket from around the record insertion slot. The gasket is not glued and is not difficult to remove.

2. Without the rubber gasket there is a better access to the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Clean the internal sides of the tank with a toothbrush. It is recommended to wet the brush in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to improve the cleaning effect.

3. Once the scrubbing is done, follow it up with one Quick washing cycle with High water level setting (no drying) and with new pure water in the removable water tank. Make sure there is no record in the machine.

4. Add about 200ml of vinegar to the distilled water and run 5 Quick washing cycles (again without drying).

5. In the middle of one of the washing cycles, put the machine on a pause and let the fluid sit in the ultrasonic cleaning tank for about 5 min.

6. Replace the vinegar solution with pure distilled water and run 3 Quick washing cycles to rinse off the machine.

May 28, 2023

Yes, you can try out your own cleaning fluid, but avoid pH extreme solutions, such as very high acidity or very alkaline chemicals.

Do not use fluids that increase foaming. Excessive foaming in the machine can cause water level sensors to give inaccurate readings. When experimenting, start with small amounts like 0.1 ml per water tank and test to see if the foaming has increased or not. When the foaming becomes a problem, revert back to pure water.

May 28, 2023

Based on the experience of multiple customers of ours, we can say that cleaning shellac records in Degritter is safe for the records when no cleaning fluid is used. When cleaning shellac records run the programs with pure purified wate

May 28, 2023

We have not conclusively tested cleaning lacquer-acetate records with Degritter. Still, running them through cleaning programs with pure water, without the fluid will likely do them no harm.

May 28, 2023


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