MX180 A/V Processor

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MX180 A/V Processor

- 7 HDMI ports: 8K/60Hz & 4K/120Hz; HDCP 2.3; Rec. 2020; 4:4:4 color spacing; Dynamic Lip-sync
- HDR (static HDR); Dynamic HDR; HDR10+; HLG; Dolby Vision
- Quick Media Switching; Auto Low Latency Mode; Quick Frame Transport; Variable Refresh Rate
- 15.1 Audio Channels; eARC/ARC
- Dolby Atmos; DTS:X Pro; Auro-3D
- RoomPerfect Room Correction
- Up to 64 input capability

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For the Home Theater of Today and Tomorrow.
Enjoy the present and be prepared for the future of home theater with the MX180 A/V Processor. With an increasing amount of blockbuster movies being released direct to home streaming, a state-of-the-art – as well as a future ready – home theater system is necessary to fully immerse yourself in the movie experience. With its advanced customization and processing capabilities, the MX180 allows for full enjoyment of today’s 4K video plus tomorrow’s 8K content as it becomes more available.

The MX180 A/V Processor supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz on all 7 of its Ultra High Speed HDMI ports1 (5 inputs and 2 outputs). Each support HDCP 2.3; 4:4:4 Color; Rec. 2020; Dynamic Lip-sync; Quick Media Switching (QMS) that eliminates the delay that can result in blank screens before content is displayed; and 3D Video pass-through. The HDMI outputs can either simultaneously output the same source material to two separate screens, or they can output different content from two different sources to two separate screens at the same time.

To create the most life-like and realistic picture possible, the MX180 supports a myriad of high dynamic range formats: HDR (static HDR); Dynamic HDR; HDR10+; HLG; and Dolby Vision (including low latency). These technologies will ensure every moment of a video is displayed at its ideal values for depth, detail, brightness, contrast, and color – on a scene-by-scene or even a frame-by-frame basis.

Other enhanced HDMI video features included in the MX180 will improve gameplay performance by bringing an added level of smooth and seamless motion and transitions.

– Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) allows the ideal latency setting to automatically be set allowing for smooth, lag free and uninterrupted viewing and interactivity.
– Quick Frame Transport (QFT) reduces latency for smoother no lag gaming, and real time interactive virtual reality.
– Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) reduces or eliminates lag, stutter and frame tearing for more fluid and better detailed gameplay.

To give you a truly immersive home theater experience and place you inside your favorite movies, the MX180 is compatible with all the leading 3D surround sound formats including Dolby® Atmos, DTS:X® Pro, and Auro-3D®. One HDMI output features both Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) functionality. ARC allows a compatible TV to send audio data to the audio video processor over the HDMI cable, eliminating the need for separate audio cables. The more advanced eARC offers greater bandwidth so higher resolution audio formats such as DTS-HD Master Audio™, DTS:X®, Dolby TrueHD, and Dolby Atmos can be sent through the HDMI cable, allowing the MX180 to deliver the best possible sound quality.2

The MX180 comes with a comprehensive suite of digital inputs made up of 4 optical, 3 coaxial and 1 USB that each accept up to 24-bit/192kHz signals, plus 1 digital balanced (AES/EBU) input. There is also a set of analog audio inputs consisting of 2 balanced and 4 unbalanced inputs, a Moving Magnet phono input for connecting a turntable, and a 7.1 multichannel unbalanced input.

Up to 16 channels of discrete decoding are available. Analog audio is output to your home theater amplifiers via balanced outputs for popular 15.1 or 9.1.6 surround sound speaker configurations among others. This allows you to have a multitude of home theater speakers to create an enveloping cinematic soundstage. Depending on your speaker arrangement, 4 of the outputs can be used for bi-amping some of your speakers or to drive additional subwoofers.

To help make every seat the best seat in your home theater, it also features sophisticated RoomPerfect™ room correction technology that will measure and adjust the audio output to compensate for the specific acoustic properties of your space (calibration microphone and stand included). The MX180 combined with RoomPerfect will give you a home theater surround sound system with optimized frequency response, calibrated speaker volumes, and bass control that perfectly combines your speakers with your subwoofer(s). In addition, you will gain added flexibility in speaker selection and placement.

The MX180 features some of the latest analog to digital convertor technology to maximize the audio quality of your analog sources. All analog and digital devices can be custom named to simplify system operation. Volume levels can be matched to eliminate jarring changes in volume when switching sources. Bass and treble controls offer further audio fine-tuning. The MX180 also has a two-channel Zone B output to send stereo audio to a second zone in your house.

The MX180 utilizes the latest technological advancements in processing power to run cooler than previous McIntosh home theater processors. It has a robust setup program that is easy to use and allows for great customization and optimization based on your specific home theater and speaker needs. It comes with the timeless McIntosh look of a black glass front panel, control knobs, illuminated logo and custom aluminum end caps. It can be paired with a variety of amplifiers and speakers to make a complete home theater system.

- Enjoy the present and be prepared for the future of home theater with the MX180 A/V Processor.
- Supports 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz resolutions and refresh rates on all 5 HDMI inputs and both HDMI outputs.
- All HDMI connections support: HDCP 2.3; 4:4:4 Color;Rec. 2020; Dynamic Lip-sync; 3D Video pass-through.
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats: HDR (static HDR); Dynamic HDR; HDR10+; HLG; Dolby Vision (including low latency).
- Includes enhanced HDMI features: Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM); Quick Frame Transport (QFT); Quick Media Switching (QMS); Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).
- Balanced audio outputs for popular 15.1 or 9.1.6 surround sound speaker configurations among others.
- Supports Dolby® Atmos, DTS:X® Pro, and Auro-3D® plus popular legacy surround sound formats.
- Includes sophisticated RoomPerfect™ room correction technology that will measure and adjust the audio output to compensate for the acoustic properties of your room.
- eARC/ARC; Zone B stereo outputs; Moving Magnet phono input; 4 optical and 3 coaxial digital inputs.
Multi-Channel Outputs Balanced: 15.1
Multi-Channel Inputs Unbalanced: 7.1
Stereo Inputs Balanced: 2
Stereo Inputs Unbalanced: 5 (including 1 Moving Magnet Phono)
Stereo Outputs Unbalanced: 1 (Zone B)
Digital Coaxial Input: 3
Digital Coaxial Output: 1 (Zone B)
Digital Optical Input: 4
AES/EBU Balanced Input: 1
HDMI Input: 5
HDMI Output:2

- 2 Type A
- 1 Type B for digital audio (2.0, 24-bit/192kHz Asynchronous)

- 2 Output
- 4 auxiliary outputs
Network Connection: 1
Max # of audio channels in Zone A: 16
Additional Zone Outputs:
Zone B: Analog and digital audio outputs
Advanced Connections:
- Ethernet Web interface and firmware update, IP-based control

HDMI Features
Resolution and Refresh Rates: 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz
HDCP: 2.3
4:4:4 Color:Yes
Rec. 2020 (BT.2020): Yes
3D video pass-through: Yes
Dynamic Lip-sync: Yes
ARC: Yes (on 1 output)
eARC: Yes (on 1 output)
<strong>Video Scaling: No
High Dynamic Range (HDR):
- HDR (static HDR), Dynamic HDR, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision (including low latency)
Quick Media Switching (QMS):Yes
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM): Yes
Quick Frame Transport (QFT): Yes
Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): Yes

Total Harmonic Distortion (DSP Bypass): 0.005%
Dolby Processing: Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround Upmixer
DTS Processing: DTS-X Pro, Neural:X Surround Upmixer
Auro Processing: Auro 3D, Auro-Matic, Auro 9.1, 10.1, 11.1
Pure Stereo DSP Bypass Mode: No
MPEG-H Audio: No
360 Reality Audio: No
IMAX Enhanced: No
Room Correction: RoomPerfect

Third Party Control: RS232, Web IP, IR Input
Tone Controls: Bass and Treble with adjustable frequency
OSD Overlay on HDMI Output: No
Input-Output Format Indicators: 9 in and 9 out
Control of McIntosh Sources: Yes, wired with data cables

General Specifications:
Channel Formats: 15.1, 11.1 (7.1.4), 7.1, 5.1, Stereo
Microphone and stand included: Yes
Network Features: Ethernet Control and Setup
Unique Crossover Frequency, Each Speaker: Yes
Special Features:
- Up to 64 input capability, 4 assignable auxiliary channels

Weight & Dimensions:
Unit Dimensions (W x H x D):
- 17-1/2" (44.45cm) x 7-5/8" (19.4cm) x 16-1/2" (41.9cm)
Unit Weight:30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Shipping Weight:54 lbs (24.5 kg)

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- Speaker Cables: AED 32 Per Meter
- Trunking: AED 10 Per Meter

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The McIntosh audio system is a stereo system that uses two speakers or a multi-channel system using 3 to 12 speakers. Components are the individual units that individually will offer the highest performance and fidelity possible. Connecting the various components into a complete system of source components, control center, amplifiers, and speakers will deliver the best possible sound.

April 4, 2023

Source units are devices that play music which is amplified into a space by the audio system. Examples include: turntables, AM/FM tuners, CD players, computers playing digital music files, and media streamers.

April 4, 2023

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