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Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Half a century of uniqueness, told by a smile that stays in time. Created in 1965 by designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the radiofonografo is a superb work of modern industrial design, thanks to its incomparable style and sound. Exuding retro charm, along with an incredible sound and the ability to move the sound modules to best suit the surrounding environment, this system creates a listening experience both stimulating and intriguing.

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Original design by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1965.
Half a century of uniqueness, told by a smile like on the first day. The Radiofonografo, designed in 1965 by the designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, is perfect because it is unique thanks to its unmistakable style. Retro charm combined with incredible sound quality and the ability to align and adjust the speakers in the best possible way in the room for an exciting and captivating listening experience. Mobility, dynamism for an object that was inherently static. Add to that the minimalist form, the essence of the project or the “most important planning component”, as the Castiglioni brothers like to put it.

The black walnut wood, which underlines the aesthetic aspect, is particularly noble. The wood is called Canaletto in Italian because of the internal channels through which the chlorophyll is transported and has an unmistakable chocolate brown, sometimes with purple stripes. The selection of the grain and the flame is not random either, but is made with great care. It is not ensured that a uniform pattern is created, but that the paths and parables of nature are taken up in all their beauty, which only the unique and always different wood can give.

The Production.
Each radiophonograph is a unique, hand-made original, but it starts with a highly precise production process in which the buttons and the structure of the central body are made with numerically controlled milling, while the base is made with melt and sand molding processes and then individually with is painted with the greatest care. The skilled hands of our craftsmen turn the semi-finished products into authentic one-offs. The sanding of the wooden panels, the assembly of the individual components, the finishing of the base, the application of the screen printing are processes with which the Italian tradition of craftsmanship makes every radiophonograph unique.

Let’s play!
The classic radiofonografo by the Castiglioni brothers is an enigma, a puzzle that still engages the imagination of design enthusiasts. The rr226 is a work of art that conceals a secret within… A secret hidden in the movement of its volumes, in the various and subsequent modular configurations that the two loudspeakers can take on, in the push-button panel, in the spatial and familiar line that make it an ever-contemporary piece of design: an object that after more than 50 years continues to arouse admiration and curiosity in all lovers of great design.

A playful and complicit concept design that inspires a performance and a playful approach to the object, making it possible to establish an intimate relationship with this classic piece.
Much loved by David Bowie, who kept a special version of it in his home, the radiofonografo was born from Achille Castiglioni’s personal conviction that “Objects must keep you company”. Wherever it is located in the house the radiofonografo adds personality, grabbing the attention and establishing a reciprocal relationship between object and user.

Assembled from the highest quality materials and components and the product of expert craftsmanship, the re-edition of the rr126 radiofonografo is Brionvega’s homage to the world’s most famous sound design.

With FM/AM radio, Bluetooth connection via external device, Pro-Ject turntable with Ortofon stylus and the possibility of adding external monitors, the Brionvega radiofonografo is made from wood and mounted on a metal base with castors. The loudspeakers are detachable and can be configured for even more engaging stereophonic listening with maximum fidelity.

The Brionvega radiofonografo is available in white, red and orange as well as a limited edition version in Canaletto walnut.

The characteristic smiling robot face, consisting of buttons and potentiometers, embodies what the radiofonografo represents for the public of today: a glimpse of the future, seen from the past.

The Music Machine
A sound machine or musical robot, as it has been called in the past, the rr226 radiofonografo achieves balance and acoustic excellence thanks to the choices and the expert craftsmanship of sound professionals who have taken care of every production aspect.
The wood and sanding give the rr226 radiofonografo a warm, enveloping and Hi-Fi sound.

Sound Design Made in Italy
Each radiofonografo is a unique piece of craftsmanship that respects a controlled production process of the highest precision and is completely Made in Italy.

The buttons, potentiometers and shells of the main body are manufactured using numerically controlled milling machines, while the pedestal is produced using a sand-casting and moulding process.

Every part of the radiofonografo is hand-varnished with the utmost precision. Every aspect of the product is the work of the most highly-skilled craftsmen, who are supervised by our sound professionals: the sanding of the wooden panels, the assembly of the different components, the finish of the pedestal and the application of the silk-screen prints are all processes through which traditional Italian craftsmanship makes each radiofonografo unique.

- AM/FM radio
- Pro-Ject turntable with Ortofon stylus
- 125W+125W self-limited amplifier
- 2 line inputs on RCA connectors for connecting external sources
- 1 line output on RCA connectors for connection to an external amplification system
- 1 line output on RCA connectors for connecting an external subwoofer
- 1 headphone input on 6.3 mm stereo jack connector
- Forged aluminum pedestal with castors for easy transportation
- Power supply 220V 50Hz (on request 110V 60Hz, 220V 60Hz)
- 5V USB port power only
- Colours: white, orange, red, blue and noce canaletto

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