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Our smallest SuperCenter model is an amazingly compact center channel speaker. The SuperCenter X incorporates one 7˝ x 10˝ quadratic planar low frequency radiator for surprisingly full-range performance from a modest sized enclosure. The SuperCenter X is just the perfect size and performance for the typical size living room or family room home theater system.

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The amazingly compact, high-performance SuperCenter X Center Channel Speaker incorporates two 5-1/4″ bass/midrange drivers, the GoldenEar High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, and one 7″ x 10″ quadratic planar low frequency radiator, for surprisingly full-range performance from a modest sized enclosure. The

SuperCenter X is just the perfect size and performance for the typical size living room or family room home theater system. The ultra-high performance SuperCenter XL benefits from dual 6-3/4″ x 8″ quadratic planar low frequency radiators, giving it significant low frequency extension and exceptional dynamic range. The SuperCenter XL is perfect for larger home theater systems.

With its superb performance, the SuperCenter X Center Channel Speaker is only 35″ wide and includes four 5-1/4″ High-Definition Cast-Basket Reference Bass/Midrange Drivers with Focused Field Magnet Structures, the GoldenEar Reference High Gauss Neodymium High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter, three planar passive radiators, and our unique linear-phase crossover, employing fully balanced technology and precision film capacitors. The unique balanced topology reduces stray capacitance in the magnetic circuit, among other things, with the result of dramatically improved clarity. There are three separate internal chambers: a larger one in the center which contains two 5-1/4″ drivers which run up to meet the tweeter and are coupled to the larger, 7″ x 10″ passive radiator in the center, and two smaller ones which each contain a special 5-1/4″ driver engineered for low frequency response, which runs up to 500 Hz, and is coupled to one of the smaller, 6-3/4″ x 8″ passives.

SuperCenter Series: GoldenEar Technology's SuperCenter Series is high-performance center-channel speaker lineup appropriate for the highest quality of home theater systems. SuperCenters are designed to perfectly complement and match GoldenEar Technology's Triton floorstanding speakers, BRX bookshelf loudspeakers, and Aon bookshelf loudspeakers - both sonically and cosmetically. Their sophisticated industrial design is both attractive and functional, minimizing their apparent size as well as enhancing their acoustic performance.

Sonically, the SuperCenters offer lifelike, detailed, high-resolution, open, "boxless" sound quality with smooth low frequency extension and high power handling capacity for greater dynamic range and impact.
GoldenEar Technology SuperCenter speakers are efficient and can be driven to loud listening levels with moderate amplifier power. but are also able to handle the output of very powerful amplifiers.

High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) Tweeter): The SuperCenter X features GoldenEar Technology's High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) design tweeter. The HVFR tweeter propagates sound waves and moves the air by squeezing it with its accordion-like pleated diaphragm, rather than pushing it as conventional drivers do. The result is better impedance matching to the air in the room with greater control, smoother more extended response with lower distortion and dramatically improved dynamic range.

Dual 5.25" Bass/Midrange Drivers: The GoldenEar Technology SuperCenter X incorporates a D'Appolito Array of two newly developed long-throw 5.25" bass/midrange drivers surrounding the High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter. The 5.25" drivers incorporate spider-leg cast baskets for rigidity and minimal internal reflection, as well as GoldenEar Technology's unique multi-vaned phase plugs (MVPP) to minimize cone distortion.

7" x 10" Quadratic Planar Bass Radiator: The GoldenEar Technology SuperCenter X also utilizes a top-mounted pressure-coupled quadratic planar low frequency radiator that extends the bass response as well as provide the bass/midrange drivers with ideal acoustic loading and damping. The 7" x 10" quadratic planar low frequency radiator provides significant low frequency extension and exceptional dynamic range for the center channel speaker.
Enclosure:Passive Radiator
Color: Black
Tweeter Type:Folded Ribbon
Connector Type: 5-Way post
Power Range:20-200
Sensitivity:90 dB
Impedance (Ohms):8
Frequency Response:45-35k Hz
Height (inches):5-7/8
Width (inches):20-1/16
Depth (inches):11-1/8
Weight:15 lbs
Bracket Included:No

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The center channel is the most important speaker in a Home Theater system. It produces all of the voices that come from actors on the screen. Choosing a center channel speaker with great high-fidelity gives you the added benefit of something called “dialog intelligibility”, or the ability for the listener to clearly hear what is being said in the movie dialog. As with rears and surrounds, typical placement options in most home theaters require that the center channel speaker be horizontal rather than vertical. This means the speaker must have been specifically designed to be used in a horizontal configuration, just putting a vertical speaker sideways will not yield the necessary fidelity and desired dialog intelligibility for multiple listeners in the Home Theater.

August 17, 2022

That depends on what main speakers, the location of the subwoofer in single subwoofer systems, and what fits best for your setting. Over the years we’ve found that many customers’ home theaters actually need small and unobtrusive center channel speakers. The SuperSat 60C and 50C are just such products. While they don’t reproduce the lowest registers by themselves, the Triton Two and Three based cinema systems already have a great solution to help them do so: the twin powered bass sections of the Left/Right Triton Towers! When you set up a TritonCinema system the Triton’s powered bass section handles the center channel bass information. By setting the Tritons to LARGE, the SuperSat 60C or 50C center channel to SMALL (with the suggested 120 Hz crossover, which will allow the 60C/50C to play as loud as the Tritons), and the Subwoofer to NONE, the receiver/processor will take care of directing the center channel bass information (which is mono) to the left and right main Triton speakers. Because you have two Tritons, the center channel bass will appear to come from right between them… right there with the center channel! It’s just like listening to a mono recording – everything appears to come from the center in between the two main speakers. It’s actually like having a virtual or phantom center channel subwoofer. Now the SuperSat 60C or 50C center channel will have great dynamic range and will sound like BIG, full-size, full-range speakers, but in the small, (and wall mountable) package many people need to “fit” in their space. Although the SuperSat 60C/50C speakers are designed to look very small, the drivers have been optimized to have very similar acoustic characteristics and output to the Triton Tower drivers. Looks can be deceiving, since GoldenEar has both the experience and facilities we had the pleasure to design all the drivers for the complete GoldenEar product line starting from scratch in our in-house laboratory, for a no compromise match in performance (timbre, dispersion characteristics, and output levels). So, the Tritons and SuperSat 60C/50C were, so to speak, “made for each other”. If you have room for a full size center, or if you are using the Triton Seven or Aon bookshelf speakers as the L/R main speakers in your GoldenEar home theater with an outboard ForceField subwoofer, the larger SuperCenters are the ideal choice. These wider frequency range center channel speakers allow for a lower crossover point when used in a home theater setup that includes a subwoofer. This can be especially worthwhile if the single subwoofer is placed far away from the center speaker. Most importantly, the SuperSats and the SuperCenters are all designed to produce the same spectral response as the Tritons and Aons, with the same tonal balance from the limits of their lower range through to the top end. Their performance is a perfect match for the Triton Series Towers and the Aon Series Bookshelf speakers.

August 17, 2022

GoldenEar speakers will sound great right out of the box, but be prepared for some further improvements during the first 100 hours of playing time. Although there is nothing “breaking in”, critical listeners all agree that during the first 100 hours of use there are audible changes and subtle improvements in sound quality in any high-performance speaker system.

August 17, 2022

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