Astell&Kern is the ultimate digital music source that brings you Mastering Quality Sound.

Original music performances recently have been captured in digital almost exactly as they were performed due to new and advanced recording technologies currently available. These great-sounding recordings are mainly listened to in inferior sound formats, such as MP3 or streaming services. With the debut of the MP3 format, music lovers sacrificed the quality of sound for portable convenience. MP3 heavily compresses the original file for the sake of convenience, this is why you only hear inferior vocals and instruments, and the full soundstage and ambience from the original recordings are missing. The movement of the original performance often disappears when listening to compressed MP3 music. After agonising over these issues, Astell&Kern found a solution to the poor quality of musical sound for the sake of portability, and ultimately a way to bring back the original sound quality of the music, MQS, back to music artists, recording engineers and professionals.