Devialet are a French company formed in 2007 with its first product the D-Premier launched to amazing critical acclaim in 2009. The range has since expanded to many more cutting edge products. I think it is fair to say that there is nothing like Devialet, for one their products look stunning, but more importantly, they have the performance to back those looks up. At their heart they use a hybrid amplifier section, the first of its kind mixing Class A to give that musical sound but driven by Class D known for power and compact size. The range also has phono stages built-in, a streamer, a top class DAC that converts all sources to 24/192, even vinyl, all configured online and saved to an SD card. Now there is Phantom, a wireless speaker that really can rival traditional Hi-Fi Systems. Is Devialet the ‘Future Of HiFi?’ why not visit Dubai Audio to find out for yourself.