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Edition Size: 75, Paper Size: 27.5” x 30.5” Image Size: 20” x 20”
Giclee made by Rockarchive on Hanemühle Paper
Design and photography – Storm Thorgerson and StormStudios

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I thought I would take Goose, an electronic outfit from Belgium, to my favourite Italian restaurant, which they enjoyed tremendously. All this buttering up was kind of in vain since they had already decided what to use for the cover of Synrise from the roughs. So the long vinyl groove stretching across the countryside was the chosen design – it was hell to do, with heavy slabs of rubber grooves – no fun for the faint- hearted – but a satisfying result or so I thought but we didn’t see band again until an opening night party for our exhibition in Ostend, where they told me they collected an award for our cover design that I didn’t know about previously – should’ve left theirs out of the exhibition, but I didn’t.


Storm’s career spanned 6 decades, beginning in the 60’s when, as a friend of the Pink Floyd (he was at school with Syd and Roger, and Nick and David were part of his circle of friends), he overheard them asking a photographer to shoot their second album. The photographer refused and Storm said “I’ll do it”. The rest is history.

Storm formed a design group (Hipgnosis) in the 60’s with Aubrey (Po) Powell and Peter Christopherson. They worked for pretty much everyone who was anyone in the rock world at the time. Hipgnosis dissolved in the late 70’s.

Storm continued with sleeve design, forming a new company that included Peter Curzon, Dan Abbott (both designers) and Rupert Truman (Photographer), with whom he worked for the best part of 30 years, and who make up StormStudios today.

These are limited edition fine art prints. They are silk screens and giclée’s, printed using archival inks on acid free papers.

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Our first foray into prints was with Coriander. It was run by Brad Faine – an artist, and specialist in silk screen printing. Brad and his team made prints for artists such as Damien Hirst, Sir Peter Blake, Bruce McLean etc. etc. Today, they are one of the foremost fine art printers in London. In recent years, they have embraced new technologies, and also make many of our digital prints.

Silk screen printing is a laborious process, whereby the layers of colour are applied by hand, one by one. Some of our prints have 25-30 colour layers applied. It is reliant on highly skilled printers to understand how the layers will build up. The finished images generally have a more ‘painterly’ feel than the digital prints.


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