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For the purist.

The S5-3 three-shelf hi-fi rack from Solidsteel’s S5 series is perfect for getting the best performance out of your high-end AV appliances.

The unique twin-shelf system isolates your equipment even further than traditional units can, resulting in disturbance-free playback.

The S5 series of racks is expandable, so you can add more shelves and customize the height of the plates according to your requirements.

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This hi-fi rack from premium Italian manufacturer Solidsteel is ideal for systems consisting of source device + amplifiers. An evolution of the S3 racks, this range takes audio purity even further than traditional stands with its twin-shelf, resonance-free design.

Key Features:
– Twin shelves decouple unit
– Expandable with additional shelves
– Sturdy, resonance-free construction
– Protects equipment from external vibration
– Made with high-quality Italian materials
– Included hard-floor protector pads for spikes

Tubes: Aluminium with damping material
Floor Spikes + Pads: Stainless Steel
Shelves: Polymer laminated Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

“I’ve heard first-hand the difference a good rack can make to components, and the SolidSteel S5-3 proves the point once more.” – StereoNET

Grows with you
Consistent with Solidsteel’s catalogue of high-end racks, the S5 range is expandable and customizable, meaning you can add extra shelves as you need. Turn your three-shelf rack into a four-shelf, your four-shelf into a five, and so on as you require.

Typically racks that are modular in this way are gimmicky or cheaply made, but Solidsteel is dedicated to both quality and expandability in their products. For a high-quality hi-fi rack that grows with your system, look no further than Solidsteel’s S5 range.

Add an extra shelf to your S5 rack with an additional shelf kit, available separately.

Sound Design
With hi-fi appliances, especially high-end equipment, manufacturers attempt to minimize internal vibration. However, this effort cannot completely protect against vibrations introduced by speakers and other external factors. This is where a trustworthy rack is essential to playing back your media free from disruptions to performance or causing damage to the equipment.

The solid structure and acoustically considered design enable superb audio performance from your equipment.

Twin Shelf Design
The most striking feature of this unit is its twin-shelf design. The structural shelf sustains an additional platform that rests on four adjustable cones. This decouples the unit in two ways. Firstly by adding another level of isolation between your devices and the floor, and also by increasing the overall mass of the unit.

In addition to this, underneath each platform is a hollowed section in the primary shelf. This removed part of the shelf is the most resonant, and by removing it, the acoustical properties of the rack are improved, resulting in almost no external vibrations making it into your equipment.

Every component plays a role
Each part of this rack plays an equally vital role in creating a home theatre system that not only looks beautiful on display but is supported by a rock-solid foundation.

A feature carried over from the S3 range, each of the aluminum poles is filled with unique damping material to further lessen unwanted resonance with the shelves. The same level of care that is applied in the design of a loudspeaker enclosure has been taken here, to ensure that this unit is not picking up and amplifying unwanted vibrations at key frequencies.

The stainless steel floor-spikes included are adjustable, to finely regulate the frame on uneven surfaces. They also are critical in minimizing energy transferred from the floor up through the poles of the rack, and ultimately into your equipment. Protective pads are included so that the spikes do not damage hard surfaces.

Ventilation Matters
Most home theatre equipment needs ample ventilation to ensure they don’t overheat. Enclosed cabinets can cause an unexpected shutdown and could potentially reduce the lifespan of your AV appliances. The advantage of this unit is that it allows your equipment to breathe properly.


– Tubes: Aluminium with damping material
– Floor Spikes + Pads: Stainless Steel
– Shelves: Polymer laminated Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

– Shelves: 3
– Max loading per shelf: 60kg
– Weight: 30kg

Dimensions when constructed (WxHxD): 584 x 755 x 430 mm

– Shelf Dimensions (WxD): 500 x 430 mm
– “X-Plate” Dimensions (WxD): 450 x 405 mm
– Space Between Shelves: 305, 205 mm

Colour: Black/White

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions16.9 × 23 × 29.7 cm



An evolution of the S3 series, which debuted in 2013, Solidsteel has created the new S5 range of hi-fi racks This series takes sound purity even further with its twin-shelf design and hollowed body, which combats acoustic disturbances from affecting your equipment.

Made of clean lines and a high level of polish, the result is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that enhances your home hi-fi experience.


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