Coax 30.2

$ 12,173.00 $ 6,831.00


Coax 30.2

$ 12,173.00 $ 6,831.00


Flawless sound image from the highest to the deepest tone, speed, simultaneous transmission of all frequencies – these are the outstanding attributes of the Coax high-end series. All models are produced in our studios in Horgen and Wädenswil by hand with the utmost care, acoustically adapted and rigorously tested before leaving our works for the big wide world.

The coaxial-ribbon system, which is used in all Coax models, ensures the highest possible sound quality and simultaneous perception of both high and midrange frequency transmission. The Coax series is a guarantee for sound and pure enjoyment.

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Piega Switzerland

Piega was founded over 25 years ago and the passion of Leo Greiner and Kurt Scheuch to develop and build speakers has continued unabated, as well as their ambitious aim that the sound from Piega loudspeakers must "reproduce" the original. The complexity of the sound reproduction process is shown by the fact that the combination of timbre, keynote, overtones, noise component, chronological sequence of the pulse strength and the volume needs to be taken into account. A real challenge!

PIEGA builds premium loudspeakers with superior sound qualities so that you don't just hear the music, you feel and experience it.

Enjoy the pleasure of music from premium loudspeakers. Relaxation and pleasure in sounds are endless - sensual pleasure for the ears and an aesthetic feast for the eyes.

Technical data

Design principle 3-way-system

Floor-standing loudspeaker


amplifier output 20 – 250 Watt

Sensitivity 90 db/W/m

Impedance 4 Ohm

Frequency range 33 Hz – 50 kHz

Equipment 2 15 cm MOM®-Bass

1 C2 coaxial ribbon system

Connection Bi-Wiring /WBT

Dimensions (H x W x D) 112 x 19 x 22cm

Weight 29 kg

Finish Aluminum cabinet, Front grill silver


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