RCD 100 CD Player & RI 100 Integrated Amplifier Set

$ 20,110.00 $ 12,500.00


RCD 100 CD Player & RI 100 Integrated Amplifier Set

$ 20,110.00 $ 12,500.00


The RCD-101 – Reference Series CD-Player
It is a true balanced CD-Player, transport & DAC, based on the technologies used in our famous RCD-100. As the Philips CDPro2LF was discontinued, we decided not to continue offering a CD-Player in the Reference Series.

The RI-100 – Reference Series integrated amplifier.
The RI-100 is a fully integrated amplifier, which includes an optional DAC interface. In it’s full configuration, the RI-100 will act as a standalone control centre, taking both analog and digital sources of any kind.

Only 3 months after the introduction of the RI-100 integrated amplifier, it already received multiple raving reviews and awards, around the world, for its truly impressive musical performance and power handling.
The RI-100 ’s class AB setting is adjusted for maintaining the same musical performance of our class A amplifiers.

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RI-100 Specifications

Rated Output Power 2 x 300W rms in 8 ohm Class AB
Frequency Response DC to +500KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio > 100dB
THD + Noise Better than 0,01%
Input Sensitivity with volume set @ 0dB / RCA = 2, 6 / XLR 5,2V RMS
Input Impedance RCA = 22KΩ / XLR = 22KΩ
Slew Rate > 35V/ μs

Power Consumption (RMS):
Standby < 3W Class AB (no load) ~ 90W Dimensions (W x H x D) 435x195x435 mm Weight ~40Kg RCD-100 Specifications

Available 1 1
Sensitivity 2 VRMS
Impedance 75 Ω
XLR Analog | RCA Analog | S/PDIF

Available 1 (L+R) | 1 (L+R) | 1
Sensitivity 6 VRMS | 2 VRMS | 2 VRMS
Impedance 75KΩ | 75KΩ | 75KΩ
Frequency response +800KHz | +800KHz | –
Signal to noise ratio > 110dB | > 110dB | > 110dB
THD + noise < 0,01% | < 0,01% | < 0,01% DRIVE Philips CDPro2LF (modified) Power Consumption Standby 2W Operation 20W DAC Master Clock 24.576 MHz Frequency tolerance +/- 20 ppm Digital Audio Input Sample rate 32-192KHz Resolution 24 bit USB Class A/B Digital Audio Output Standard AES/EBU / SP-DIF xRCA) Sample rate 192 KHz Resolution 24 bit Dimensions Hight 100 cm With 435 cm Depth 377 cm Weight ~12 Kg


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