AlgoRythm Solo -dB

$ 520.00 $ 520.00


AlgoRythm Solo -dB

$ 520.00 $ 520.00


The AlgoRhythm Solo –dB processes high quality USB audio from Apple devices, computers and some Android devices so you can really hear the full quality lossless audio from your iPad/iPhone/iPod or other USB devices. Simply connect to a headphone amplifier or home stereo.


High capacity lithium-polymer battery – isolated AC switching

Fast re-charge time about 3.5 hours

High-end AKM 24 bit DAC model AK4396

Designed and assembled in the USA

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• Asynchronous USB audio conversion to analog for extremely low jitter
• Auto-source detect from computers, Android devices and Apple devices
• USB audio resolution up to 16/48 from Apple devices
• USB audio resolution on Mac (natively) or PC (with included driver) up to 24/192
• USB audio resolution on Android devices (using USB Audio Recorder Pro app) up to 24/192
• Larger capacity battery delivers long play time, up to 14 hours and charges Apple devices
• Fully balanced analog line-level output (4 pin)
• Single ended line-level analog output
• Digital S/PDIF output – acts as a digital converter – send decrypted audio to desktop DAC’s
• USB mini-A input allows input from computers (USB A to USB mini-B) or Apple devices (use our 30 pin to USB mini-a cable)
• Free PC driver enables 24/192 playback on computers (no driver required for Mac)


Supported Rates/Frequencies

Sample depth 16 bit from Apple Devices; up to 24 bit from computers
Frequencies supported on Apple Devices: 44.1 / 48.0 @ 16 bit
Frequencies supported on computers (Mac OS X 10.6.3 and above, PC’s with our driver):
44.1 / 48.0 / 96.0 / 88.1 / 176.4 / 192.0 @ 16 and 24 bit


– Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo® -dB & User Guide
– 30 pin to USB mini-A sync cable with right angle connectors
– 8 pin (Lightning) to USB mini-A cable
– USB micro to USB mini-B cable (for Android)
– USB A to USB mini-B cable (for computer)
– Small USB female A to USB male mini-A adapter. Use with any standard 30 pin to USB A or Lightning to USB A sync cable
– Switching 100v / 220v gloss black AC charger with heavy duty red cord and right angle barrel plug
– Embossed leather pad to protect devices when bundled


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