Music Highlight: Nordub (Feat. Eivind Aarset & Vladislav Delay)

Oct 26, 2023 |

Characterised by innovative rhythms and deep grooves, the duo of Sly & Robbie found its light owing to the skillset of bassist Robbie Shakespeare and drummer Sly Dunbar. They are two of the most respected and influential musicians in reggae history, and pioneers of the "rockers" style - a harder, more aggressive beat to reggae. Sly & Robbie have also played on countless recordings by artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, and The Rolling Stones.

In 2018, Sly & Robbie released the album Nordub in collaboration with Norwegian trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær and guitarists Eivind Aarset and Vladislav Delay. The album is a fusion of reggae, dub, and electronica, and features a deep, atmospheric sound that is both innovative and accessible.

Nordub is a truly unique album that showcases the talents of all four musicians involved. Sly & Robbie's rhythm section is as solid as ever, while Molvær, Aarset, and Delay add their own unique textures and flavors to the mix. The album is a must-listen for fans of reggae, dub, electronica, and experimental music alike.

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